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I always knew I was attracted to special pleasures We've been married for 10 years in many special situations (beach locker room office) I've made love to my wife but it's always just the two of us I used to tell my sweetheart during sex how exciting it would be if she got pampered by a bunch of dicks at the same time which she used to smile at and of course words but she was in the game
In our diverse sexual lives she gave me a new Pleasure Point when my wife driven by a sudden thought began to excite my asshole while sucking I've never felt anything like this before and this game has become commonplace
I wanted him to fuck me more and more which he did I used to ride his finger and say out loud how well he fucks my hole and that I should have a good dick in my mouth
35 it was my birthday and it was a surprise I never dreamed of
After a family celebration my wife and I spent the weekend alone in a hotel I've had it before so I expected to spend most of the day making wild love My wife seduces me especially in sexy clothes which I have always liked very much In the afternoon I went down to the hotel bar for coffee which was a sign to my darling to prepare I was gone for like 45 minutes and I called to see if I could go? The sound of his voice on the phone was strangefor it seemed to me that he was in the middle of his pleasures moaning loudly and lustily between his answers All I could think about was a little handjobs to get the place ready
I got on the elevator fast and soon I was outside the door I opened up and what I saw inside took my breath away My wife was kneeling in front of the bed and surrounded by five men with their huge dicks literally fucking my wife's mouth who enjoyed sucking dicks As soon as I walked in he turned to me and told me there was a party because that was all I wanted to do and now I have to use it In the meantime he never stopped pulling two dicks And then you know he didn't bother to give me any more blowjobs
I figured if that's what you want then so be it I took off my clothes quickly and got closer But then my wife jumped up and came to me He kissed me on the lips and I could taste the foreign dicks in his mouth which however did not disgust me but lust He asked me if my wife liked the game and I didn't answer but I got down on my knees and I reached for the closest dick I could find which I immediately put in my mouth I looked up and saw that my wife really liked it He told me to suck deep because that's what they like So we took turns sucking the five dicks in a row My wife used to look at me and tell me I had a good dick in my mouth but it'd be even better if I had another one deep inside me and fuck my mouth because that's how a good whore does it and she knows I want to be a good whore I didn't disagree A younger boy came under me and I sat on his hard tools My wife meanwhile did the same thing grabbed the biggest dick and quickly put it in her throbbing pussy Apparently he's completely out of control He was fucking around in his delirium and he didn't care which hole he was filling Sometimes she was fucked by three people at the same time I've never seen him do that before He gave out loud instructions calling himself a dirty cocksucker bitch and demanding to be fucked to death
He didn't forget about me either He made sure that two pricks would always treat me I got fucked I sucked and my wife and I felt like a whore who'd do anything for a good fuck
I didn't last long I came to my wife with a standing Dick and her mouth was open and I shot her full of jizz He swallowed it as long as he could and only a few drops spilled on his face After he satisfied me he ordered me to make the guys out of my mouth like a slut which I liked to do
The boys left quickly and discreetly after they were satisfied We're the only two left in this mess My wife wouldn't stop enjoying her hands in her pussy It made me do it again and I started licking him His cock-flavored pussy was hot and soon he came He stood up and told me he was gonna fuck me now that so many dicks used me he wanted to I couldn't resist and I offered him my butthole He pushed three fingers into me with ease because I was already sufficiently dilated He was fucking me with pleasure and telling me that he was gonna fuck me whenever I wanted because he saw I was a cock-loving bitch
We got dressed and went to the bar My wife only wore a miniskirt and a top We ordered and sat in a booth My wife's eyes were burning with desire I didn't understand how he could keep getting excited after all that fucking He didn't want any more He's got a taste for it After a few drinks he noticed a group of three at the bar who had just seen our booth I didn't even want to resistI just watched my darling seduce the boys He spread his legs and started playing with a soda bottle He was positioned so the company could see him Soon the game came to fruition The boys came to our table with their trousers bulging My wife gave me a seat next to two boys and the third one sat next to me My dear he quickly entered the field of action and took care of the stiffening cocks from both sides He told the guys that if they wanted a good blow job they could put their dicks in my mouth and as a reward they could stuff his pussy and ass afterwards
We went to the bathroom together where I first set up the fine-sized tools with numbers and then they fucked every hole in it for me In the end they enjoyed my wife's pussy from which I enjoyed licking the good stuff
That's how my wife made me a whore who was being used but she can't complain because she got as many dicks as she wanted


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