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Year and Gábor a couple in their 30s with no children Gábor provided their financial well-being with several businesses while Gábor ran one of his first businesses the two-unit 'chain' in fact ran two bars at the two ends of the city
They'd known each other for about 15 years and she was happy except for a minor screw-up in their relationship every year But the affair revealed the problems of their romance and Gabor invested his energy in the solution rather than a new relationship From then on he was completely changed more involved with his wife and their sex life was no longer taboo The little closet by the bed was filled with various sexual accessories and the wardrobe had different costumes and they recently had the first threesome in their relationship
And this Friday night what I'm about to tell you they were planning to celebrate their anniversary
He finished his preparations slowly every year Dinner in the oven warm drinks chilled table over dinner various toys prepared in the bedroom cleaned up during the shower in all the places where he felt he needed to all he had to do was get dressed and wait for his husband to get home from work
He implied with unmistakable signs and dropped words what he was planning for this evening and would not tolerate any delays After all Gábor is in charge of his business he can only get home on time on this day especially since he set a dinner date for 7: 00 pm She took out the recently purchased white lace thong from her underwear drawer He slowly pulled up and then took out the white lace comb stockings with the garters attached to them Carefully smoothing out every little wrinkle taking care of every detail he arranged the garments Finally the last piece of the set came out a white almost transparent thin baby feather She put on her dress and tied the only recording tape on a bow with a nasty smile on her face It had to be connected between her considerable breasts so they were covered but of course the material was transparent He turned in front of the mirror and checked out the closet with satisfaction
He looked at the clock on the wall five minutes to seven He lit the candles on the table turned on the music sipping a glass of wine began to hum the melody softly gently rocking his hips to the beat but on the inside he was thinking of punishment if his partner was late Several options crossed his mind until he found the right one He also took the strap-on penis out of the closet and put it with a demonic smile on his face between the toys he laid out
"That's what happens when you're late for your baby"thought he
His evil thoughts were distracted by the beeping of his phone He rushed me to the dining room to look at the text message Of course as you thought Gabor sent word He opened the message irritated "Come to the office quickly"appeared on the display
- You're not putting that in your pocket - he grumbled loudly as he dialed Gabor's number It rang for a moment but then it sounded busy
- I can't believe this - and pushed the redial button more violently He took out his anger on the phone when it went straight to voice mail He threw it into the chair in a little arc
In the hall he hid in a white high heel and as he was he took on his white knee-high wool coat He button it on the way to his car and smiled at the fact that he had caught the coat and the shoes in a nervous manner Just don't have to take your coat off anywhere ' cause you didn't take your nightstand
On the 10-minute journey he calmed down a bit and thought that Gabor was inviting him to another erotic game So he didn't mind so much that he didn't change Of course when they get home there'll be punishment for ruining his surprise
"Yeah I'll get you for this when I get home Let's just get home I think I'll put the toys away We're just using my strap-on penis He'll learn to be obedient at other times"he began to mutter not really serious
He turned into the company parking lot and parked right near the entrance next to his partner's car There was another worn opel in the parking lot probably the security guard It got dark early because of the early fall but he didn't see any lights on in the building Gabor's office was dark toomaybe he's working on his laptop He found the big glass door locked but the strange thing was he didn't see the guard behind the counter He rang the bell A few moments later the electrical lock buzzed and entered the building Then Gabor must have opened it from above He was excited to know that Gábor was planning an erotic surprise What if he wants the security guard involved? It was hot on his lap


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