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What do the classic sentences say? "The persons and events in this story are imaginary Any similarities to the elements of reality are purely coincidental” Or something like that
The brown and blue eyes slowly approached each other The boy smiled Strange memories ran through his head He didn't think it would be a sequel to the sentence he told her in the lobby of a movie theater a few months ago I mean he thought it he hoped it but it wasn't as obvious as the romance novels
- Let's move past the basic concept of being the boss's daughter (Then the second half of the sentence was already in his head)let's just see what we can do with each other – just like two reasonable people
She smiled too but it may have been the last thought in their minds this evening that had been expressed separately and in the end they did not meet Bea thought only that the age difference of more than 15 years should not prevent emotions from finally flying free There was also something instinctive about the fact that their noses were gently pressed together and their lips were smoothed even closer Of course it brought another smile At that point Dani couldn't keep her mouth shut anymore He was determined to speak very little You've talked enough as it is it's time to express your thoughts in a different way But he just couldn't convince himself to use the expressive power of words when he got close to her
'I'm glad we've moved past the basic concept of being the boss's daughter' he said quietly and then moved back a little to see the girl's reaction Although there was little chance of that in the twilight he was also thinking of reacting with words
- Do you have to tell me everything? "Bea struck at once and of course she smiled for she knew it was part of the banter"
In fact Dani expected the same reaction but she didn't want to give him another chance to miss the opportunity to touch her lips If you've imagined the situation so many times you want to feel the two mouths clinging together in reality These two mouths They both had pleasant experiences in life as far as pleasure is concerned but they knew this was a special occasion I mean after a few months of knowing each other they got a little caught off guard But if there was no one else to go to the bus to pick her up Dani took it out with a big "sulk" In the cold winter he would have liked a cup of tea in her apartment
The boy now looked more firmly into the brown eyes and as he approached her he waited for the opening to close Bea if there is a last – minute moment persisted because she wanted to be lost in the blue eyes But when Dani started squinting too she kept all her thoughts away and all she cared about was touching the taste buds of her peers with her tongue as gently as possible The boy thought of the nipples but of the ones sitting on some big pile With his eyes a little pig – like he started looking for them when he first met her He knew they were only a few centimeters away from the deep cut that the girl's dress let them see when they first met But now they were here not just close to the eye but really within reach The kiss however distracted him so much from the piles that he couldn't help but think of his feelings The best way to show this was by embracing his partner very closely To do that of course he had to push the two of them out of what seemed to be a steady-state situation He tried to turn this new position to his advantage and slowly drew one hand from her waist You did that so delicately you didn't know when you were clinging to the most prominent part of her shirt Then he felt a hand on his fingers and he was a little scared that he had to say goodbye to this pleasant experience But the pressure on the palm of his hand confirmed that he was in the right place 'If this is not a restricted area' he thought ' then it is time to find your partner' They both needed some air and the boy immediately took advantage of the opportunity to pick another fight
- Where do you get such an evasive T-shirt? - he asked with some irony
"You're lucky tonight you don't have to go anywhere to get it because it's in your hands" said he without thinking about it because it's not the first time they've come up with this approach to the girl's clothing
"Then I shall take possession of the special piece" continued the boy and with a slow but firm motion made out the wearer


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