Guitare PD death note

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The Voice of a text burst into silence It was summer and the desk was stuck in sweat and though it was working hours D had been looking at a photo for hours Quiet sad and teary-eyed
Then he reached for his phone He was still pressing the buttons thinking he got another picture of his girlfriend's wedding last week
- What's up princess? Is it hot in your neighborhood? - it said in the message you were surprised It wasn't his girlfriend who wrote itit was T whose photo he's been looking at For God knows how long
Suddenly he had a power his tears dried up from his face and he smiled And he was scared He answered the question with courage:
 Come down to my place I'll show you how hot it is around here I'll be alone this weekend - the answer is out He's never done anything like this to offer himself up so openly and honestly to a man especially to someone who's already hurt him so much The cold rejection of unrequited feelings the incomprehension of words accompanied by crying He knew if the story went back to where it had ended weeks ago he'd be the loser
Soon he received another text but he knew what it said He knew T well enough to be sure he wouldn't resist that offer
- The next train leaves for you at 6: 00 I'll be there at 8: 00 so please come out and pick me up - He read it And he decided to meet her
When he came home from work he took out all the tools he expected to improve his appearance Pieces of makeup hairdryer hairspray and perfume were all lined up in front of him She had chosen her dress in advance because she had been thinking about what she would wear when she got in front of T from early this afternoon He's dressed
- I think I'll be fine If not you can take the next train home - he spoke to himself in front of the giant mirror
The journey to the train station itself seemed to him to be eternity: every turn and every straight stretch seemed to be endless at the time And as the bus finally rolled to the finish line he was the first to leave it He chose a bench for himself sat over there waiting for his mistress
He was cold He drew on his light summer coat with the wind blowing through the cracks His hair went to his face and with his weary fingers he could slowly stroke them out It was dark he could hardly see: he gazed at the inscriptions on the information board: "a fast train is arriving in the 2nd track 20: 14
- It's his train now 'You must be hungry you have not eaten all day for you have come halfway back to me' she thought and quickly went to the nearby store to buy a sandwich chocolate and some soda for the boy
The train slowly rolled into the track Even slower were the crowds of people Landing Who as if they did not want to leave the warmer-looking cars stopped on the stairs Then all of a sudden out of the crowd T
- Hi - hi
- Hi - hi How was your trip?
- Fine thanks But I stink because I couldn't wash but I've been working in the sun all day
She was happy He was glad to see who he had missed so much to embrace the body he had long wished for With his eyes closed he absorbed the harsh smell of the boy's skin And they left Together to the girl
"I am the happiest man in the world" he whispered to himself on the way - It's gonna be a wonderful night stuffy and beautiful and exciting and slow
Their footsteps knocked softly d tried to pick up the rhythm of his heart's choice and walk at the pace he dictated Him just him
That's how they got to the gate then the entrance to the House They're in D bent down to untie his shoes but his hands trembled He was embarrassed and he felt excited at the same time and perhaps laughed at himself a little because he was acting like he was on his first date when he was 14 The thought was interrupted by T who reached down with his fingers to D's face took it under the chin and raised it to himself They were both surprised by fear and T jokingly remarked:
- I'm not asking for your virginity
- Well I can't give you that
The boy smiled kissed her tenderly and took her trembling companion into his arms
- It's so good right now "he fluttered with a voice and plunged his face into the neck of his beloved"
- Come on
They went to the room They clung to each other like children Their tongues played a sweet game just touching each other sometimes biting each other's lips The girl was heated by the taste of the boy's flesh as her beautiful mouth was hers alone and her kisses became more demanding
- I think you're hot I don't think you need these clothes - and with that move T began to undress his partner She unfolded the blouse in a torturous fashion with her patient fingers ploughed through her goosebumps arm and back The bra was removed slowly but the straps were removed and he began to kiss the liberated shoulders His mistress stretched her head back closed her eyes and gently scratched her lover's back under her T-shirt()


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