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I heated the food I took from my mother We had dinner After dinner Andris was studying for next week and I was switching on the TV channels I stopped on one of the stations They were showing a documentary about domestic sexuality violence Affairs I looked at it a little bit but it was the usual stuff There was a 19-year-old girl who told me that her father raped her several times when she was 12 and she still couldn't deal with it Another girl was talking about her brother beating her up because she couldn't sleep with her girlfriend Then there was a boy in it who confessed to his parents that he was a homosexual and was disowned from the family After all these reports I thought I'd turn off the TV I've had enough of these People I didn't want to hear Instead of watching TV I called Chris on facebook Messenger I wanted to share with him the news that I had engaged my son to have sex with my mother
- Hi - hi
- Hi - hi What's up man?
- Guess what? I finally slept with Andris
- Really? "Tell me then" he said smiling to the camera
 My mom talked me into it and you told her that I wanted to have sex with my son and eventually desire won over common sense So it's really all thanks to you
- I just gave you the start by talking to your mom about this but the final decision was made by you and no one else Just you You don't regret it do you? - he asked with a worried face
- No I'm not It was wonderful with Andris I finally feel like I'm free again So far I've felt chained by this feeling that making love to my son is forbidden But now that it's happened I just feel good You know what I think
- I totally get it You know what I'm gonna come over to your place and we're gonna toast this occasion
- Oh don't exaggerate It's not something to celebrate in today's society
- Who cares what other people think? I'll bring champagne and you can tell me all about it No objections I'll be there in an hour Hi-he stepped out of the conversation
Great just what I needed my girlfriend to come over tonight when the place wasn't cleaned I was gonna clean up tomorrow I've just started washing dishes mopping dusting because we're not talking about taking my son's virginity in an undemanding environment Meanwhile I remembered what it was like when I lost my virginity to the boy I loved
I thought about how much I'd prepared for it how wonderful it would be how great it would be And the reality was painful and terrible I dated this guy for six months before I gave him my most prized possession my virginity With love gone I expected heavenly joy Instead my first sex was painful The boy I loved was rough and tough in bed with me He says the first sex of every girl is pain and must be tolerated I believed him because I was younger than him and he was an older more popular guy She tried to get me into bed a lot before but I didn't feel like I was ready and I didn't want to give myself up too soon I just wanted romantic walks good conversations loved by someone I love with all my heart I finally let him I went over there one afternoon to watch a movie and I lost my virginity Even though my pussy was wet it hurt when he put his penis in He's been pushing and fucking fast My pussy was bleeding I wanted to tell you it hurt and stop but he put his hand in my mouth and shut me up about how I'm gonna enjoy itit's gonna be good That's what I thought was best sex with my partner It was a pain in the ass It wasn't at all what I expected from others I couldn't wait for him to come inside me and end it I've been counting the minutes When he came he moaned in it And then of course he asked me what it was like and I cried and we got into a fight I'm home A few days later the boy broke up with me I was a naive stupid little girl back then Now that I'm an adult I know I should have done the first one differently and I should have seen that it was just for that I was just another trophy for the guy who went after the virgin girls I changed because of this
Just when I was trying to recall other memories the intercom rang Chris is here I opened the door We kissed and kissed
- Hi Andris
"Good evening aunt Kriszti" replied My son politely
"Let's go to the kitchen" I said
Chris already took my glass off the Cabinet She opened the champagne She filled it in the glass
- Let's have a drink and tell us everything
- All right - okay
I told her about the first sex I had with my son and then I shared all the other sex adventures with him We were drinking


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