Making my girlfriend cum

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Friday night at the beginning of the summer we came home on the last wheel with my best friend Heni He's pretty drunk He doesn't drink but at the time it seemed like something was bothering him that he didn't want to talk about The driver was nice he could have just kept her in the condition she was in We sat in the back
Soon after the bus left Heni put her head on my shoulder and fell asleep
At the border of the village there was a slight bump on the road When the bus went through Heni's head slipped off my shoulder between my breasts Then he woke up and apologized
I was wearing a deep-unbuttoned shirt so he used his mouth to rub my chest and chest It was surprisingly pleasant I knew Heni a few months ago
He was an old friend of my childhood friend and when we started going to parties he became part of our group of friends I was 17 at the time Heni was 18 We had more in common than my childhood girlfriend and I felt better with her Heni and I had a really good conversation and we soon became good friends I also liked Heni because even she was a virgin and she made me feel more free My other girlfriends lost their virginity a while ago and it made me feel a little uncomfortable around them There was this boy I dated about two months ago and I couldn't have sex with him Of all the handsome boys I'd met before he was the one I really liked to be around I just didn't get excited during the foreplay and I would have felt particularly repulsive if I'd let him stick his dick in me That was a few days before that Friday night After I walked Heni home I went home and went to bed I was thinking about how exciting it felt to have Heni's lips touch my breasts for a few moments on the bus I've always wanted to touch a girl I liked Heni from the very beginning and as we became more and more friends my affection for her increased but I did not dare to take the initiative since she was part of my group of friends and it would have been awkward to see her every day if she refused I was struggling with myself because I felt like Heni was somehow different from the other girls He never gave me any clear indication that he wanted something from me but sometimes I was embarrassed by the way he looked at me and the way he treated me
Heni was kind of a snuggler Often when we watched a movie lying on the bed he'd put his head on my chest His proximity has always attracted me When we were sitting on the bed and he lay down to stretch out a little and he asked me a question in the middle I could barely look him in the eye and answer We didn't really talk about boys She once told me she didn't have a boyfriend but I'm sure she'll meet the right guy I've had a few girls I liked but Heni was the first one I felt that way about But like I said I was afraid to take the initiative because it was about a friend my other girlfriends knew I didn't even dare with girls I only knew briefly I was hoping to meet a girl at a lesbian party who would make me forget my affection for Heni
At least there won't be any questions about who's straight and who's not I tried to fall asleep in these thoughts but only when I imagined Heni lying next to me holding her head gently over my chest and quietly falling asleep
The next morning I woke up to a very intense dream It was night full moon
It's a lot bigger than it used to be in real life Heni and I kissed naked on her balcony A couple of young boys came down the street
One of them called the others:
- Look at that Two girls making love to each other
And Heni said to them with a smile:
 My girlfriend is so much better than you guys ever were
That's when I woke up The dream was still alive before my eyes I couldn't resist I started caressing myself I told myself I shouldn't do that because Heni's my girlfriend I used to fantasize about girls I'd seen on the street or lesbian porn but I felt more about Heni than that I imagined Heni lying on top of me and kissing my breasts Suddenly my heart began to beat so fast I've never been so excited about masturbating I really enjoyed it but then I felt guilty about it because I'd never done it before thinking about a girlfriend True a girlfriend I've known for a long time and I thought of her as a friend I couldn't have done it but I've been attracted to Heni ever since I met her
The next Friday afternoon Heni called me and said she didn't want to go out tonight but she'd be happy if I could have a drink with her We agreed to go over there around 8: 00 with a bottle of schnapps and a bag of beer and go to the nearby creek on the edge of the forest()


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