Late Night Limo Slut Party

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Hayley said Good-bye to her husband and children then hurried to Victoria parked in front of the House Victoria who was waiting in the minibus caught her friend's eye in a rush to her tender bosom They were on their way to Cara's for a girls ' night out with an old friend of theirs Cara usually organizes evenings with product presentations but today's occasion was more special than usual where jewellery bags or special dishes were presented Tonight's party was about sex toys
On the way to the crime scene they picked up their third member Natalie They did not even notice the length of the road even though Cara's house was many miles outside the city limits
Cara was a careful host with a wide range of bright-coloured alcoholic beverages to help her guests relax After half an hour of introductory conversation and a few cocktails Cara announced the start of the party He told me they were going to play and he explained the rules: every guest in a box chooses a tiny remote and from another box a small wireless egg-shaped vibrator Everyone puts the egg in their pants Each remote control controls a vibrator that is not known to the user During the evening guests can use the remote control they have The purpose of the game is double On the one hand women need to know who controls their own vibrators by the end of the night and on the other hand they need to find out whose vibrator is controlled by the Switch they have Whoever hits one of them gets to keep the device as a gift The guests laughed at the idea but did not object One by one they went to the bathroom and slipped their vibrators into their pants
The invited consultant then took control of the party and presented his company with a vast selection of different artificial members vibrators creams and gels which caused a lot of guests to giggle like a little girl Tools of various shapes colours and sizes passed from hand to hand as the drinks ran out and the time passed merrily
Like most of the people present Hayley had difficulty concentrating on the show Whoever had the remote control of their vibrator was ruthless You operated it for a long time before you shut it down The alternations led her more and more to orgasm and she couldn't really think about whose vibrator she could handle
Victoria found out within a few minutes that her remote belonged to Hayley's vibrator Hayley was naturally agitated and lively and now at first a few times softly but audible when she turned the device on and off For Victoria that's when the real fun started He was careful to make sure it was undetectable when he activated the vibrator in Hayley's panties and enjoyed the control of his girlfriend It didn't take him long to notice the signs of sexual arousal "It was a good idea for Cara to play this game"he thought
Victoria's vibrator was initially set to short impulses which was enough to make her want more but it made it hard to figure out who was controlling it Then instead of short pulses the vibrator was left on Victoria waited for it to stop but the device didn't stop vibrating Minutes passed Victoria stopped talking to the others and focused on the gentle tremor of her pussy His competitive nature encouraged him to hide his excitement from his quarterback but he felt his orgasm coming Eventually he gave up and accepted that he was going to come but he believed that he would be able to do that without anyone noticing He closed his eyes and sat back in his chair enjoying the voluptuous waves running through his body Then the vibrations suddenly stopped
- I'm Victoria "Cara cried enthusiastically and raised her remote as a trophy
Victoria opened her eyes and saw everyone looking at her with respect He understood immediately that they had seen him coming but he was among friends and he was too wound up to feel anything but a slight shame
The women continued to chat and drink filled out order forms and the game went on Seeing her clients in a state of agitation Hayley concluded that the consultant was going to end the evening with a very nice sales pitch
Natalie couldn't take it anymore During the party the vibration in her panties turned her on and she watched Victoria's orgasm with envy He slipped one of the larger vibrating fake members into his bag and headed to the bathroom to end the tension She barely closed the door behind her and she pulled down her panties and spread her legs He had forgotten so much about the vibrator egg that he only noticed the thump when he fell on the floor He took out the fake comma and started moving the end up and down at the opening of his pussy The labia were revealed as flower petals under the stimulation before they swallowed the toy()


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