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After klari's rude behavior I spent a couple of days thinking about the details of how I was going to screw him over but I didn't find any of the variations quite right
I called Francisca one night to see if she had any ideas but she suggested I let it go ignore it
"Well then come over and do something to pass the time" I told him
Luckily he had time and half an hour later he showed up in a tight pair of jeans a black top and a red leather jacket
- Uhhh you look pretty hot
- I'm trying I'm glad you like me You look good in this boxer - T - shirt combo too he walked in smiling in my loose dress
- I thought we weren't going to the Opera
- I wasn't planning on it "And I am not wearing any underwear" he looked at me with such a sexy look that I immediately picked it up and took it to the bed
In no time I pulled everything off her and I was sucking on her little tits and I started gently caressing her between her thighs When he groaned I fingered him and I felt him touching my dick I kicked the boxers off of me he pulled my shirt off he knocked me over and he was working on me with the rubber which I don't know when or where he got it from but that's not what I was interested in
- Fuck me up good "I am very excited" he said
I grabbed his skinny little waist and I put it on my dick with rhythmic movements Sometimes she'd lean forward she'd come up on my shoulder and then I'd take her tits in my mouth and suck it so hard it would go up and down
- You want my pussy? - he was breathing in my ear
- Very It's delicious Tight wet feminine yet girlish
- Oh my God that's good Do it do it - he was rattling his nails into my chest
I didn't know what she was so excited about but I couldn't understand it I thought I couldn't be that good because his eyes were hanging up as he was squirming and squirming on my dick I knew I wouldn't last long and I almost came when the next surprise came He slowed down his movements and pulled my hand over his breasts
- Grab it Hard
It must have hurt him but he still had the features of pleasure on his face Soon he slowed his movements again but his tremors increased I felt it close to the top She pushed my hand away from her breasts and put it behind her butt and then her torso fell on me
- Stick your finger up my ass Now now Finger my ass Oh please
He didn't have to say it twice I moistened my index finger with its dripping pinale and gently shoved it up his ass I moved him maybe five times enough to make him come crying He turned away from me and all he could say was:
- Come on
I knelt next to him and after a few strokes I doused his stomach and breasts
I lay down next to him and after we were rested I asked him:
- What was that all about? Because I find it hard to believe that I was good enough to make you so mad
"You were good too" she smiled at me
- But?
- But in the meantime I was thinking about what the three of us did last time and that's what got me so excited I loved it when the three of us coddled each other
 Well I enjoyed that too but I think we should forget about Klari If you want a three again let's find someone else What do you think of that?
- I said I wanted a clarinet
- Despite his rude behavior?
- No I'm not It's because that woman has something I like to call a sex-crazed bitch Besides I figured out a way to screw him over the other day
 On the phone you told me to let go of this problem
- Yeah But while I was coming to you I thought of something
- So tell me
For about five minutes he was on the line with more and more glistening eyes and I thought it was a little harsh but he convinced me
At the door I put a Saint Stephen and a Széchenyi in his jacket pocket and we agreed to call when I fixed the date with Klari
The next day I was able to arrange a meeting with both of them on Saturday night and Klari was not surprised that we wanted to meet him so soon after the jerk's behavior But he insisted on having the orgy at his place
- And your daughter? Is he joining us? - I asked with hope because I had a fantasy
- You'd like that wouldn't you? But it's not He said it was a one-time thing Anyway he's staying with his girlfriend in the country coming home Sunday morning
On Saturday Franci and I started out together and in the car I said "Maybe we should change the script he made up" but he just winked and said:
- You don't have to We're leaving before your daughter gets here aren't we?
- Yeah wait I'll make a phone call
I parked in a parking lot got out made the call and then we went on
We arrived at 10: 00 pm Klári was waiting in a scented ferocious silk dressing gown under which were even more ferocious lace lingerie()


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