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I've had a surprise but an even more exciting one
I'm straight with a bit of bi at least I think I am especially since the incident I'm 25 years old I've never been with a boy but I don't want to no matter how much I want to I used to think about guys when I was masturbating it always depended on what kind of mood I was in
Sometimes I get turned on by the sight of a naked man looking at sex pictures
I'm telling you about a case like this:
It's the sight that affected me
I go to the gym if not often and regularly During a workout I was working out and a boy came into the gym I've seen you there before but we just met At least I didn't train alone We were just saying hello He was a good-looking kid I'll give him that
When he was training I could see his bulging muscles pectoral muscles biceps from the bumps on his shirt and I was fascinated by his shape Not only is he handsome he's muscular But I can envy people like you


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