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One fine sunny morning I was on my way home and I saw three masked men trying to push a man into a car I got a little closer and out of the wall came another masked man and he pulled a gun on me and I heard a muffled thump and the world started to blur and I blacked out
When I woke up I was in a basement my hands and feet were handcuffed and my whole body was stretched vertically I wasn't wearing any clothes I was completely naked I had another guy like me strung up There were about ten women in black leather before me I had not yet fully recovered when I heard presumably their leader giving a lecture to the others about how good it was that they had two servants at the same time so that training would go faster if they could work on both at the same time
I couldn't help but wonder where I'd gotten myself into on the wall various metal cutting and stabbing tools whips chains handcuffs and various torture devices that I didn't have the faintest idea of their function
"Now they are waking up we shall begin to torture" said one of them
 Well at least we're moving faster if we don't talk as much as we did last time - the other girl said she might have looked at us a little angrier
"Let There Be surgery" said the angrier once more
'Yes' said the chief ' but only at the end'
Well I think he was in charge because he sat across from us on a throne and his body was filled with all kinds of shiny jewelry And he had a fancy crown on his head
Her breasts were free medium breasts with big pointy nipples
'Let's start with a whipping' said one of the muscular girls raising a whip
He came up to our backs and the others followed him and one of them started counting out loud and the first punch on my butt snapped and I screamed out with the sudden pain that hit me and the next punch came and I felt even more pain on my back I heard one of them say it out loud : three four and a line of blows the guy next to me had his mouth bandaged and he couldn't just scream out loud It was on my lips too but the first time I hit it the bandages came off and that's how every time I hit it a loud scream came out There were probably 20 blows when four of them went there and took little riding sticks off the wall and used them to hit my butt and the top of my thigh I used to pull my legs back and forth as far as the handcuffs would allow
"Don't move so much or you'll get more" said the angrier
'Beat their asses pretty red' said one of the opposite long blonde - haired girls wearing only a black thong and a black top
This girl while I was like getting a whip every minute she came up to me and grabbed my dick
- It's a nice little tail no damage so it's gonna turn a little - he said angrily as he looked at me and fixed my handkerchief
And then as he held my dick firmly towards him my whole body was stretched out and I felt like he was ripping my dick off
- It's a pretty good dick but it's a shame I'm not gonna torture you ' cause then I'd do a little work on it - said the little girl laughing
Then he stood up to the other guy and played with the man's penis
'That's enough' said the chief
Then two thin but muscular girls went to our backs holding an object like a stick of about 35 cm with about five ever-larger spheres along its entire length the first about the size of a large grape and the last about a large Apple
"Now boys we're gonna fuck you but first we're gonna wash your asses" said one of the girls
Then a lot of people came up to us and took the cuffs off put me on a table my partner tried to resist but they pushed her down quickly and the angry girl quickly stepped up and grabbed his balls and he stopped resisting immediately but she just kept squeezing her testicles more and more The man moaned painfully and the others tied him to the table on his back tied me to my stomach
'I suggest a demonstration for the disobedient slave' said the angry little girl
'What shall we do with him' said one tying off his twitching leg
 Let's torture his testicles and then he can have the surgery so we can do it on at least one of them - he said
I was sort of given an enema which was more unpleasant than painful and they put a thin tube up my rectum which was used to fill it with water and it hurt a little but not much and then I saw one of the girls dress up and attach this six-foot tail to herself and the other one loosened the shackles and pulled up my knees()


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