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Helga and I planned our lovemaking in the usual way during the evening but the effect of the afternoon's events changed my vision As soon as I saw her naked on the bed my dick was stiff Seeing that he didn't even try foreplay he left out the little oral that he used to treat me with and he just sat right in my prancing Dick He leaned on my chest with both hands and began to ride him with a slow hip movement I touched her breasts with my hands when less than 30 seconds after the act my body was frozen and my cock was pumping the contents of my balls into my wife's vagina I was fluttering trying to apologize but he in a mood with a "no problem sweetheart" got off my back and went to the bathroom He was in there for 15 minutes I got up with my tail hanging and I went after him fresh in the shower and he came in with a towel wrapped around his body and he lay down on the bed and he reached for the remote control on the nightstand That's when I said:
- I saw you with the three guys this afternoon
I thought he was going to give a scared explanation but instead he said in an indifferent tone:
 I know I saw you in the parking lot and I had to clean up your mess upstairs
I was stunned but my dick came to life on its own and it started to squirt half hard Helga rose from the bed kneeled before me on the carpet and with her fingers collected the drops of semen that had fallen there When he was done he took my dick gently pulled the skin from my acorn and then cleaned it thoroughly with his sensual lips Then he stood up and kissed me on the lips and walked out of the room That's when I woke up from the shock and I stumbled upon the bed with my legs falling down My wife came back soon She was no longer wearing a towelbut a provocative red silk dress over the knee slashed to the mid-thigh and left her shoulders completely bare His hands were black sandals with leather straps and high heels You could see that she was not wearing a bra under the dress and when she sat across from me in the chair you could see that she was not wearing panties He put his shoes on and bent down to secure them on his slender ankles
 Don't worry you're not the first man to get cheated on and you seem to enjoy it I have to go now but when I get back we can talk
- Where are you going? - I didn't know what to say
- After our short-term fuck I masturbated in the shower but it wasn't enough and I need a good fuck which I can't get from you right now In the meantime check my laptop for a folder called me When I get back we can talk
He got up from the chair and left the room leaving me alone with my thoughts in my head Pretty soon I heard he was driving off in his convertible A few minutes later I went to the table and I turned on his computer On the wallpaper we were sitting in a Venetian gondola huddled together The folder you're looking for just covered Helga's face
I clicked on it excited but I'm afraid of what I'm about to see There's a lot of video and picture files on the screen I felt my cock harden again as I opened one of the pictures with trembling hands He was wearing it trying to swallow a giant dick I opened up more pictures they used my wife's body in different positions One of the images was particularly shocking Helga was lying on her stomach her legs were spread and her widened openings were filled with sperm in vast quantities
Then I clicked on one of the videos It was industrial camera footage just like we found out a few moments later from the parking lot of our favorite restaurant We were shooting 30 seconds ago when my wife showed up in the car with a man My wife was wearing a dark cocktail dress and high-heeled sandals and hair hung on her back in pigtails Recalling my memories I remembered a social gathering that happened two months ago The man looked familiar but I couldn't place him They fell between two cars where the man turned Helga towards him kissed her passionately and then with both hands on his shoulders pushed her head down to a height with his fly It was clear what his mistress expected of him and my wife disappointed him freed him of his cock and ate him eagerly I couldn't see the dimensions because Helga had her back to the camera completely covered it Seeing the man's face he was satisfied with the service for he threw his head back with his eyes closed and though there was no sound he certainly accompanied my wife's mouth with contented moans After a few minutes he took control of the car wrapped the ponytail around his hand dictated a faster pace and then suddenly pulled it up drove it in front of the car and laid it on the hood of the car on his stomach She rolled the dress up to her waist freeing my wife's naked butt When the panties came off we never found out As they stepped out of the cars I saw this guy's dick which probably didn't even reach my size()


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