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"All women are whores" - you hear it sometimes I thought about it yesterday Not that women are all whores of course Or bitches Whores Sluts They're skanks They're easy it's interesting how many words men have for that sort of thing isn't it? But no that's nonsense Obviously not all women are like that But maybe yeah maybe I am I mean I fit in with one of those confused phrases I don't know You decide
So I hooked up with Attila six months ago He's not a very good-looking guy but he's pretty cool and he's determined to hit on me So after a while I gave in to his siege and I don't regret it We were fine although sex wasn't that great with her it wasn't really physical I'm not much of a looker myself I always thought I'd settle for what I had Attila was inexperienced and he had a hard time getting a decent hard-on I don't think there was an organic reason behind itI think he was just too nervous I tried to help him but every time he put his dick in me he left too soon Then he was ashamed and there was no way I could bring him back to life So I encouraged him to give me oral pleasure which he did He was pretty good at that so sometimes I'd get to orgasm If not I faked the pleasure
So our sex life with Attila was more than a problem but he was a nice thoughtful boy and I had fun with him Everything went fine until last week That's when the party was
A friend invited me A lot of girls came boys plenty of alcohol and soon the inhibitions went away There was this really hot guy Zsolt who I really liked for a long time He was tall handsome and he looked really good in a leather jacket Of course I knew you wouldn't be interested in a mouse like me I watched her disappear with better-than-good girls in a room and I knew she was sleeping with them A lot of bitches I thought bitter I suspected it was only the roaring music that prevented me from hearing the lustful sounds coming out of the room I sighed and found myself a martini
Attila got drunk pretty quick He's been drinking a lot lately which is why we've been having trouble Maybe it's related to the fact that he hasn't been able to stick his penis in me once in the last three weeks Sometimes I'd suck on it for 15 minutes suck on it and it just wouldn't get up I was disappointed when I threw myself on my back pushing his head between my legs to lick me until his tongue went numb And he did flapping his tongue like an ice cream contest I had never been satisfied with the wild movements of my hips and moans of my hips but the tension had gone out of me
But to recap at the end of the party Attila was unconscious in a chair At first I tried to revive him disgusted by the thin stream of saliva coming out of his mouth After I failed I shrugged my shoulders and left her alone
Around midnight the party crowd was pretty thin Some of them went down to a deli like Attila's some were lying in the bathtub some were in the beds (sometimes private or alone): in short things turned out as usual in a party with a slightly more extreme temperament It seemed that Psalm's admirers had disappeared slowly at least from the fact that he was willing to devote himself to me for a slow number As I danced I could barely hide my tremors as I pressed against his fine body It didn't bother me that I could smell the perfume on his neck of the other women of the evening And I never thought of Attila before
At dawn I got a little hungry for a lot of booze so I went to the kitchen to whip up a hot sandwich Zsolt joined me and we made the food together While we were talking about nothing I tried to hide my excitement He had such a manly sexy voice that it gave me the creeps Or to put it another way I was already wet with his voice Zsolt must have sensed that he was not indifferent to me because he drew closer and closer to me and he kept touching me He pretended it was a coincidence of course
We kept playing this game one more time and then it became clear that we were doing what we both wanted He pulled me into the pantry from the kitchen and we stuck together in the darkness The scent of her perfume filled everything Zsolt pulled me in and kissed me I didn't protest I returned it violently We were both intense he was a little rough and we knew we didn't have much time
- Are you seeing anyone? - he asked after we took a short break from kissing
With my head on my shoulders I thought Maybe Zsolt doesn't know about Attila? It's possible After all by the time he showed up at the party my friend was passed out he didn't get to see us together


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