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- "I'm sure I can take him to bed I think you're afraid to bet on it"
Said My old friend Viktor We were both in our early 30s we've known each other since we were like 25 From the beginning of our friendship we've been competing in everything and everything
We were very similar when we were kids When we were in college we'd always go after the best girls and get them We were the same when we both started working at the market It became our custom that every Friday when the traffic went down in the afternoon we'd go to the diner for a beer Where this bizarre conversation took place
"She" in this case meant my wife Juli Viktor told me that since the first time they met they've secretly exchanged intimate looks when I wasn't looking That's why you're sure you can take her to bed I would have decorated anyone's face for this but Viktor is an old friend of mine I just thought he was trying to see how far he could go Just before that we were discussing my plan to celebrate our ten-year friendship My face must have been completely red by then when I realized he was serious about the bet because he offered me money to bet
"A million and a half forints because I'm absolutely sure" said Viktor and then ordered another beer
"You're a fucking idiot" I said with a sense of irritability in my voice
"If I'm so stupid why don't you take the money?"You've never been so coy
- "Because I don't bet on my wife This is stupid If he finds out about this it could ruin our relationship forever"
- "How would he know? I'm not interested in telling him Then you're right to think I'm an asshole trying to seduce his own friend's wife That's why you can be 15 million forints richer If you're so sure I'm the one who lost the bet"
God how can you be so insane? I was sure you were wrong How could I agree to such a bet? But if I win his money at least I'll give him a little lesson in the future
- "I'm sure I'll win It's not what you think"I answered
- ♪What else could happen?"he asked * * You've never deviated from a bet before I get that you don't want to lose $ 15 million and find out that your wife is fucking someone else I understand what the worst part is I understand your fears"
"I have no doubt" I said
- "Then take the bet coward"
He made fun of me like I was a two-year-old I was aware that you were trying to get me into a difficult situation but my pride wouldn't let me back out All I could do was take the bait
"All right if you want to give me $ 15 million for this reception for nothing I'm not gonna stop you"With that sentence I felt that I had simply sold my fate I can be so stupid sometimes
There's only one thing left to do work out the terms On this point I noticed that Viktor had already been working out some preconceived notions I only accepted the plan after several amendments He was given three weeks to realize his vision None of us can tell Juli everything's in place All of Juli's actions must be based on her own free will Therefore Viktor cannot use anything to influence Juli or to fight his inhibitions neither alcohol nor drugs can be used
However with the recognition and justification of what I consider to be unthinkable there was a small problem
At first we were thinking video but then we figured it was better if I saw something from a first-grade standpoint However in this case I cannot intervene no matter how far they go I knew this part would be the hardest and I really trusted that nothing would happen
A few days later Viktor began implementing his plan Juli and I were invited to a barbecue I could have tried to sugarcoat it but it was part of our bet that I could not prevent it for example by refusing an invitation We had a good time but the reception was always in my head I noticed that Viktor was looking for a way to touch Juli and when he did he kept his hands close to him I was jealous of the glances Viktor mentioned Just the thought of catching one makes me nervous However Juli did not secretly look at Viktor and their behaviour was no different than before
A few days later we invited Viktor to dinner with us You can imagine my surprise when I got home and I found Viktor sitting on the couch with a drink in his hand It was obvious that he had been at my house for at least an hour and had a very pleasant and productive time with Juli()


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