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Rita my best friend she picked up a new guy and kept talking about him He said he was wild and unscrupulous She likes sex and she likes to play roles At first I thought she was exaggerating but then I met the guy and then I knew everything Rita said was true The man's name was Marcus and he looked fucking great I admit I'm jealous
I was also a little freaked out about how much Rita was paying attention to him We lived together for nearly five years We're both bisexual and we've always enjoyed each other's bodies and company Now he's been hanging out with Marcus all the time so he didn't have time for me
By the way I was lying on the bed and to be honest I was just thinking about Marcus when to my surprise Rita came to the room I felt guilty like I really did something to the man and my face turned scarlet
- Are you staying home tonight? - I asked him in Hope and I noticed that under his half-open bathrobe he was wearing nothing but plain underwear
"No I'll be with you shortly" he replied
- So what?
- Well "I have a suggestion for you" he said with such a cheeky grin that his sensual lips trembled
- What do you mean?
 Look you know Marcus likes to experiment different scenarios different environments et cetera
- Yeah I know
- Well that's what I mean it's a thing so if you're not busy tonight - he started stammering
- Oh yeah? - you definitely got my attention
- Well we're trying a new game Marcus has an uneven mirror in one of his rooms and he wouldn't know you were there because he wouldn't see me and I was wondering if you wanted to watch us so you get it while we have sex
- Are you kidding me? - I asked him in a voice of rage
Or do I feel like it? Who wouldn't?
 Yeah you don't have to just since I met him well I haven't been around much I hardly see you anymore And I don't know I thought you might be interested
- So you mean while you two are having sex I'm watching from another room alone? - I asked and my pussy started throbbing at the thought of it
'Yes' he replied with a smile - It's a wild situation He won't know you're there just me And it would make me feel so much better - he approached me so much so that I could feel his breath on my neck when he sat down beside me on the bed
I haven't had a good sex in a while Every time we get excited we just get each other to the top it's better than lonely masturbation And it's been a while since Rita was so busy with Marcus I wanted to say No I pretended to leave the house but when he slipped his hand on my thigh the word "no"didn't come out of my mouth I wanted to go and see what Marcus really was I mean stark naked during sex but something was bugging me inside
- No I said no - That would be too embarrassing - and I couldn't breathe because Rita gently spread my thighs with her finger
- No I'm not You know you want to see it How many times have we talked about this? "Everyone fantasizes about it" he continued gently biting my neck
- Yeah I know But fantasize that's what it's all about: keeping your thoughts to yourself "But that would be different and I don't think I could do it" I said
His lips swept across my breast as he spoke My nipples are hard
- Of course he did - he resisted - I'll walk you through his apartment and you can see the sex toys I told you about What do you think? "he asked" meanwhile with his fingers he entered my panties from the front"
"I think you should stay home with me today" I said and I grabbed his hand and I pressed it between my thighs
Rita just put me back on the bed slid her bathrobe off her shoulder and slipped her hand into my pants I grabbed her tits pulled her bra off I spread my legs so that he could reach my labia with his fingers while I was crushing his nipples with my fingers I knew how much you loved this
"Haha I think you really like the idea judging by the way your pussy got wet" he said laughing and starting to finger me
"I missed you" I said and I kissed you on the lips - I really missed you
Her breasts glided in my palm when I reached for her and enjoyed measuring her weight
"You too" he whispered - It's been a long time
Now he pulled his fingers out of me and rubbed my slippery sap on my clitoris as only one woman knows to another I held her hand there giving myself to that wonderful feeling when her cell phone rang
"Damn it" he said
"Don't answer it" I said " because I was about to come"


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