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I was in the kitchen finishing up my late breakfast thanks to summer break when Chris and Amy showed up My brother and sister were supposed to go to the beach but I asked:
- Where are you going?
- To the waterfront 'so Chris replied As I suspected'
- Can I come too?
I could tell by the way they looked at each other that they didn't want to take me with them That hurt a little even though I had a chance to get used to it They were twins and as a couple of years older than me they were always closer than me I didn't give them a chance to answer
- That's okayI'll find something else to do - I said I was okay with it
Unfortunately mom who was washing the rest of the dishes from breakfast didn't leave it at that
 Why don't you take your little sister with you? He's not hurting anyone - he told me
- Mom I objected to the little sister reference
I was the baby of the family but I was actually growing out of this age and I was getting tired of pointing it out all the time My brothers have taken another look
- Okay come if you want to come But hurry up - Amy finally said it
I put on my bathing suit got a loose shirt and shorts and then I joined them in the car
- If I'm really against you I can stay - I offered it to them
'It's not that you're against us it's just' said Chris
- yeah we're just not going to the beach - Amy finished her sentence
- No sand or anything? - I didn't understand what you were thinking
- No I'm notI think it's pronounced” swimsuit optional"
For a moment I was silenced trying to process the information
 So it's really up to you if you want to come I could hear Amy's words from somewhere
It was totally not for me It never occurred to me to go to nudistastrand Since when do they even feel like they're keeping to themselves?
- Have you been there? - I did
- A few times It's actually kind of fun even though it seems weird to come with us at first
From Chris ' body language I deduced that he was as uncomfortable as I was "She wouldn't be uncomfortable with Amy"I thought" and throwing your close relationship in my face " probably weighed a lot when I made my decision :
- I think I'll try it - I said
What could possibly go wrong? The trip was longer than I thought At least it looked long Some of them were on the beach by the time we got there but far from the crowd you'd expect on such a hot day Maybe it was the hiding place I was wondering how my brothers found it I followed Amy and Chris as they crossed more and more deserted parts of the beach and I tried not to look around much Contrary to my expectations not everyone was naked Some women only ventured topless and some stayed in their regular beach outfits Somehow it was a relief to know that I wasn't the only one embarrassed by the thought of being naked in front of strangers We finally stopped at a place that was blocked by a few lower sand dunes from the direction we came from I couldn't decide if they were pulling away for my sake but I appreciated the gesture
- So what do you think? - Amy asked
- This place? It's not exactly what I thought - I said
He smiled and began to undress in front of me Chris followed him
- You can keep your bikini on if you want Others do but we don't "Amy said as if she could read my mind
I was staring at the horizon while they were undressing They didn't wait for me and they didn't push it They threw themselves in the water and left me standing on the sand In theory it would have been easy to follow but I had reservations If it was just Amy and me it wouldn't have been a big deal or at least not this big I was mostly worried about Chris ' reaction I've come to the conclusion that fate should decide It wasn't the most efficient way of course but it worked once in a while If Chris goes under the water for the first time I'll leave the bathing suit on and if it's Amy then subconsciously of course I was trying to please myself I remembered that when we went to the beach together when we were younger Chris was swimming when Amy and I were just walking in the water But my hope was shattered when Chris grabbed Amy's waist and I watched helplessly as he threw my sister into the deeper water So much for Fate and luck
In the absence of witnesses stripping wasn't so awkward He's even a little excited about me dropping my clothes off in a semi-public place It was like I was doing something wrong and I could've been caught at any time Of course I could have been caught so I looked around and made sure no one saw me anymore()


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