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We didn't even come home from Lake Balaton that summer My friends and I were at my parents ' cabin when the next thing happened We'd hang out at the beach all day and we'd go to a disco tonight Or maybe we weren't prepared we just left The point is all of a sudden we're in this cool place and we're dancing with hundreds of young people The company I went with was scattered in no time and I found myself standing and dancing in the middle of the floor and there was no face I knew
Of course I wasn't desperateit's happened before that everyone went home the way they could if we didn't find each other at the end of the party In half an hour I picked up two guys who came together and they offered me a ride home if I didn't find the others I stopped looking for them because the boys were cute Especially one of them a blond-haired blue-eyed guy some kind of machine that deals in sales and sales So I didn't mind a little bit being left behind by the others The three of us had a pretty good time We had a few drinks and danced It was about 3: 00 in the morning when we were heading home in an excellent mood The blonde was driving her boyfriend was sitting next to her and I was in the back We were passing a huge wheat field when I leaned forward and kissed the blonde on the lips
He took the first road and stopped the car He whispered something to his friend and got out I went after him of course He took a thick soft blanket out of the trunk and put it on the wheat fibers We sat down and started kissing He was a passionate kisser extremely sensual And with his hands he caressed my breasts and touched my clothes At one point I was shocked that a third hand went down my leg right up my skirt As I was half under the blond boy I could only look down with one eye although that was hardly necessary since I was sure it was the other guy working on my thigh
I got a strange thrill so I didn't resist I let him pull down my panties and stick his tongue in my pussy The blonde knelt over my head and pulled her zipper down He put his hand under my head and put his dick in my mouth Slowly gently I began to suck it and I swallowed it all the way down with its acorn in my throat I kept him in for a long time and I slowly let him back in I've done this like three more times and since I felt like he couldn't take it anymore I let it out of my mouth and put it between my breasts Meanwhile the other boy had his dick in my pussy and started moving his butt
Luckily my boobs aren't common so the blonde couldn't handle it after I stuck her tail between them Every push came to an end under my chin One of those moves he moaned up and the hot semen started coming out of my neck like a ray I've got some on my face and boobs I took the end of it immediately and sucked the last drop of it out of him which he could really enjoy for he moaned and moaned loudly I didn't let his dick out of my mouth but I treated him with my tongue until he was stone-hard Meanwhile her boyfriend shot semen all over my pussy and his dick slipped out I thought I'd have some fun with the boys()


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