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I quit and I quietly shut the front door behind me and I went bowling to keep myself busy What happened in the room I can only tell you based on what Kristi told me
Kristi and Melinda sat on the bed in silence for many minutes and stared at each other until Kristi broke the silence
- So you like girls?
'No I mean not just more precisely their son but sometimes I have an affair with girls' replied Melinda
- The truth is I'm actually a masseuse but I'm primarily a massage therapist for women That's how Nicholas found me And then with one of those phone conversations it kind of came up to me whether I'd be willing to give you a little more than just a massage and I let on that I had an affair with a woman From here on in he was nagging me until I agreed to go on with you if I had to go any further than just a massage
- What's he paying you for this? - asked Kriszti
- You pay for my stay my travel expenses and my lost daily income
- Do you do this kind of work often? - Kriszti asked the following question
- It's the first time I've ever taken one of these
'That's just because from the photo I saw of you I liked you very much' she added quietly
Kriszti looked at him in surprise Suddenly he couldn't place the answer It was a pleasant feeling that made her body tingle He recalled the past three quarters of an hour and was surprised to find that he wished it would all happen again He swallowed a lot before he spoke
 I never thought the girl could have that effect on me I've been seeing a masseuse before and she was a woman but I've never been irritated by her massage YeahI've only had a back and neck massage Nicholas used to massage me sometimes and not only is it my back but it can't be compared to a real massage but what you did to my body was something incredibly good I could have taken it for hours it felt so good Not that Nicholas couldn't satisfy me but this was something else
- Would you like to do it again? "Melinda asked as she looked into Kristi's eyes
'Yes' said Chris turning his head Red
"Sit in the middle of the bed with your back to me" said Melinda
Kriszti was placed in the middle of the bed and the quiet soothing music was repeated He kneeled behind him and gave a little kiss behind his earlobe and then barely touching his skin he slowly moved his lips towards his occipital Kristin was shaking all the way through Melinda reached Kristi's waist and hips along her shoulder with the tip of her fingers He pushed his palms forward at his hips and stroked his abdomen Kriszti then completely let herself go The tension of the waiting had disappeared from her body and her back was propped up against Melinda's breasts As soon as he touched nipples he put his head back on Melinda's shoulder Melinda's hands glided up looking for her breasts and as her fingertips felt her nipples a deep sigh came out of Kristi's throat Melinda began to massage Kristi's breasts gently in her hands and felt her hand glide down her hips and gently clutching her buttocks and pulling her groin to her side The feel of Kristi's breasts was warm and velvety
Both girls had feelings again Their skin was hot their whole bodies were filled with a pleasant tingling Kriszti closed her eyes and relaxed herself to see how she was pampered by a masseuse Melinda began to feel more and more strongly about her shapely breasts With both hands he'd grind the tiny nipples excite them until they were hard She pressed her body against Kristi's back rubbing her nipples against it as she glided up and down with her lips between the ears and the edges of her lips Then suddenly he pulled back and between the two shoulder blades of Kristi he gently glued his lips onto the spine and tickling his vertebrae with a tongue-year began to go down
"Lie on your back" said Melinda letting go of Kristi's breasts slowly tilting her back by her shoulders
Kriszti fell back with a lustful sigh spread her legs Nagyajkai was not closed this time as at the beginning of the previous massage his clitoris was growing out of reach
Melinda's targeting Kristi's breasts again He licked both spheres sensuously and then tortured them in his mouth With his tender hearts he drove Christ mad who raised his hips more and more Melinda raised her hand over the Prancing breasts and then began to slide her hand down Kristi's body in a slow torture motion He glided across his stomach and then caressed between his thighs and dipped his middle finger in the water which flooded Kristi's lap He put it on the clitoris growing out of the pussy and the clitoris started circling There was a groan coming out of Kriszti
Melinda looked at Chris and looking at the suitor's eyes she leaned forward leaning on her thighs kissing her pussy()


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