Riley Reid – Making My Sweet Horny Step Sister My Personal Slut

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My manhood began to shrink and slowly slipped out of Erji's beautiful niche I could feel it with a condom I reached out to make sure it wasn't a problem Erji slowly rolled off me to Mom I lay there a little while longer and then I got up and I pulled the tire down making sure nothing came out of it I was a little groggy from the last experience but I had a really good time
We rushed to the bathroom with the guy took a shower Back then Mom and dad were still on the floor caressing each other We'd go to the table pour in every glass We drank ours out fasttook theirs They were both shaking their heads so we put it on a little table nearby We sat down from both sides facing them They didn't care about us they just cared about each other Sometimes they kissed softly and caressed their faces and their hair We watched them curiously The sight of the two beautiful naked women seemed to affect us both of us were back on half-mast
Mother moved first towards Erji's shoulders He smoothed his arms gently and then back He slowly got over Erji and they kissed like that It was a very exciting sight Mom kissed Erji's eyes nose mouth and then went down his neck He also did that with excruciating slowness Erji like a little kitten turned his head and offered his lips his neck You could tell they were both enjoying it
The half-mast is rising Sometimes I'd swallow a lot and it was hard for me to stop touching my Manhood Well even as she got down from her neck to her beautiful breasts which were very thick with the nipples Apparently they were tough as Mom's mouth was running around and sometimes she'd get high and then she'd just kiss him just a little bit and his hand would go down the side He smoothed me through the arc of his hip and back Erji moaned loudly His moans were starting to harden my virility frightfully but from what I saw he was the same way Sometimes he licked the edge of his mouth probably involuntarily I was thinking maybe I was too? I didn't realize it myself but sometimes I'd swallow a lot Maybe we're not all the same after all
Mom's hands weren't just on her side anymore she was stroking her stomach further in Erji moaned and spread his legs It was insanely exciting to see those two wonderful women taking care of each other It's a good thing I just got off or I wouldn't have been able to help myself My hand was slowly reaching towards my steeply masculinity
In the meantime Erzsi began to use her hands and she began to caress mom's divine breasts Mom's face was flushed and she was having trouble breathing His hands were smoothed over Erji's beautiful thighs and then they agreed upon a meeting of the thighs Pali came over to my side and sat next to me You couldn't really see them from where you were before He seemed to be very masculine and hardly moved at his steps
Mother's fingers found their way into the cave of lust for Erji moaned heavily and urged the lust:
- Fuck me with your fingers Honey- he called out
We dared not move lest we interrupt this wonderful sight We put our hands on our laps and grabbed our dicks at the same time Mine felt like it was as hard as it's ever been
Erji started moving his butt on Mom's fingers
- Come on Honey- mother said softly
- Oh I'm enjoying it- she screamed and started throwing her ass After a scream he continued to Twitch a little then he rested but only for a short time for turning quickly he threw himself between her legs and began to lick her wild
- Ahhh Oh good Mom moaned and spread her legs so that Erji's head would have easier access to her vagina He did not delay and began to attack his cunt with visible blows of tongue
The sight the sounds they made us all so hot My dick is so tense it almost hurt
Guy moved first It got to her legs pushed them a little wider and put her dick gently into her cunt pushed it all the way down with a push The answer was a muffled moan
- Oh good kiss my ass"mother cried and she began to lift her hips I went over to his mouth and I put my dick in his mouth As soon as he felt it he opened his mouth and started sucking it He's never sucked like that Wild and hard I couldn't stop myself from coming right away He just let it out of his mouth and came screaming He just threw his hip at Erji's mouth Slowly he passed out I sent Ersi away and I lay between my mother's legs He felt his legs open slightly bent and let me touch him I fell into it almost immediately It was so wet and so soft yet wonderful I slowly pulled it back and then I pulled it all the way back in
- Oh my god fuck me up"he cried which led me to believe that he was not idle"


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