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Mimes and kisses
I saw him in a movie where he was dressed up as a dirty dirty peasant girl in a worn-out work-dress skirt smudged with chink hair so he was sitting on the floor all disfigured and eating corn I pulled the camera on him and set the focus on him I saw it in black and white in lupa It's a pretty face I thought He indicated that he noticed that the camera was looking at him that he threatened me with a joke I smiled at him showed him my hand to sorry I did a couple of nice things with him later that sort of thing But we didn't talkwe were just doing the mime I liked his gestures As time went by there was an ethereal connection between this girl and me I felt like it wasn't one-sided At the end of the shoot we met right in front of each other and we smiled at each other Continuing our former pantomime game I opened my arms and he stepped up but only in a mime so I could hug him a little bit
- Should I wait for you? - I whispered
- If you like
I packed up quickly and she went to get makeup and change I waited a long time for him She came out in a" street dress " with real hair and I just watched I'm amazed at how beautiful she is All of a sudden I was overwhelmed by the calm of the underdog and I didn't have the usual dumplings in my throat I thought I'd enjoy being with a girl like that even if it was just for an hour
- I've been waiting for you
- I'm sorry but there were a lot of girls I wanted to get ready first but
- I wanted to leave
- I didn't know that
- to get you some flowers
- Oh You're cute but
- Imagine I would have been standing here with a bouquet with a rotten flower in my hand
- I'm sorry
 Because I would have stood here if I had to wait until midnight Because I really wanted to go out with you
- You're just saying that I don't think you waited till midnight You're just trying to embarrass me
"I was in a hurry" said he with a kind apology
- You don't have to be in a hurry do you?
- No I'm not
- A date?
- A date
- For how long?
- Six?
- I can't That's just over an hour When you were in a hurry it was 45 minutes You said you weren't in a hurry
- All right I surrender What do you want?
- To get to know you better
- How long will that take?
- I don't know But I'm hoping for a very very long time
- You're not in a hurry
- I'll do my best I promise
I was brilliant For an entire hour I was able to play a game with him that I said something slightly hurtful with one sentence but with the next I twisted my last sentence so it became a kindness I always have I don't know how
Of course I asked him about it I found out a few things about him There was an inexplicable nature to all of this We met But we talked like people who used to know each other No pressure no hesitation I've never felt this way on a first date
We sat on a bench
He said he was curious to know what it was like to be a boy who liked it so disfigured while he felt like a witch
 And I wanted to try dating a witch
- What's it like?
- I won't know because you tricked me But I could be consoled if you tried
At least act like a witch
Oh stop smiling so nice You're a talentless bitch Wait a minute
If I kissed you you'd probably turn into a witch
He turned away but he got a kiss on the cheek
- There you go You really blew it You can't do that with magic I have to start over
No more attempts were made but of course his mouth was clenched
- I'm finished I lost all my magic Now you'll be helpless as you were
She's an angel
I felt something Flash in his eyes But just for a moment I'm such an idiot He was gonna kiss me There was a desire but he immediately withdrew and now he looks so suspicious
 It's a little early to be kissing don't you think?
- I'm just trying to do what you want
- yeah?? How's that?
- You said I'd take my time I promised I'd do my best You're not?
- I didn't mean it like that You're mean to words You're twisting them You're mocking me
- I'm not mocking you It's just
- You're playing with me
- No it's not like that Just words So you can have fun with me and we can be together for as long as possible I was just playing with words not emotions
- What feelings?
Oops How he got over me She's a smart girl You have to be careful
- I dare say it I mean the electricity that we have Which was before we even talked The attraction we're here for
- What attraction?
- Now you're evil I said what I could You know what I mean you're just not being honest Just like before


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