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That year the minister of Education decided that Friday was the last day of school I was wondering when you were planning on going
At last the telegram came with the familiar short text and I stood on the platform with a trembling heart of course on the first possible day the next day Saturday I wondered if he was still the same as he was Will he still accept me? And I've been thinking about what she'll be wearing Every year she would charm me in her best dress for me and I wondered what dress I'd see her in this year
The brakes of the train with smoke spewing in shuffled in with the rest of the momentum The engine stopped half a meter in front of the buffers
I was standing on the edge of the platform away from the train looking for the cars which one might have the branch He waved three cars down Merrily sweetly lovingly just like any other year Dark purple and white flowers alternated on the pretty one-piece dress she was wearing The ornament for the dress was a perky little hat that was attached to her wavy brown hair and made of the same material as the dress
- Welcome my sixteen-year-old darling - I saw him at the bottom of the stairs and I held the flower again because the kisses were more important
'I did my best' he replied blushing under the little hat looking out at him  and I'm not 16 for more than a month
 I was fascinated by you in your best dress
- You flatter me - she picked up the flowers - I love that you greet me with flowers every year
- And I like to see you every year This is when I hope for a little while that you still love me
- You better hope so - he kissed me again - I love you
I picked up your bags - Hurry up My mom's expecting us
He looked at me surprised - Your mom threw a party? - he didn't want to believe his ears
- I think he likes you Otherwise he wouldn't
- What about the Zhuzsa? Should we leave him alone on the first night? - I felt remorse in his voice
I shook my head - Not at all - I told him to calm down - The Zhuzsa is waiting for us there
It surprised him so much that he stopped between steps and just looked at me
- What kind of changes are these?
- Remarkable It's worth graduating - We moved on to the bus stop - And there's something else It's worth being 16 That can also give you privileges
He was barking at me from the side - May I know what you mean? - he played dumb
- The promise that expires this summer
She's blushing a little Hey please we might be doing something that's good but talking about it can be hard
The party participants weren't expecting everything so the mood was better than expected The tape recorder Rosika my cousin danced with her fiancé her little brothers who grew into big teenagers clowning around with each other A few bottles of beer are gone but opening the wine bottle they waited for us Zsuzsa was dancing with a guy I didn't know who worked with my dad and he's gonna be in pest for a few days and since he doesn't have a place to stay he's gonna be staying with us for a few nights in my room
We introduced ourselves because he was the only one new to the company "He is the branch" I said " and I am The Laci"
"I am a Palya" he gave me his tip and quickly took the Zsuzsa back into his arms and took her dancing
We sat on one of the sofas somewhat separate from the others We wanted each other's company rather than a big group
- Look at the Zsuzsa - I poked the branch - I think he's having a good time
He answered with a hum as he looked at his lady talking to the Palya - About time
I asked her to dancesince we're having a party let's at least dance We got caught up in the rotation and started having fun I put my arm around her and caressed her back
- There you are - I whispered in his ear and pulled him to me discreetly
It was smoothed into the hug and easily glided at the beat of the music in my arms
- More than a month of patience my love - he said softly in my ear
I knew what you meant
- There might be more - he kept going - I checked with the girls they said We should wait a little while before we start taking the pill
She's blushing again Before he wasn't so shy but it's also true that earlier we were only speaking hypothetically of things that might happen this summer and even if we talked about it only in private mostly in the dark
- Let's open the wine - my father suggested it
- How many glasses? - my mother asked
- Eight - I did
The Zsuzsa was looking good - Who's number eight?
I'm a little insecure - The Branch - I told you - She's 16
Zhuzsa and my parents didn't like my answer very much - It's not 16 yet it's a month away - her aunt protested but then she calmed down - I don't mind You can have half a glass


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