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If you haven't experienced it you probably won't understand He's judging meI know I'm judging him too But when you read the story you'll see what I've discovered what horizons have opened up to me and I don't need an explanation for why I have to satisfy myself every day with excitement
The tension in me is so intense I have to tell you I have to take it out of me That's the one drawback of the situation: even if I wanted to tell anyone I can't I'll write it down read it as much as I remember
About myself for obvious reasons I'm in my early 30s and I'm married He's inexperienced in sex for several reasons I've only been with one man and my husband unfortunately can't really satisfy me He hasn't been able to make it in a while and before that he was always gone before I could come It helped me to orgasm by hand or by mouth
Things turned out that I got into college last year I go to school once a week because we live in the country Friday afternoons-and I always go swimming first It all started there that's where I met him
He approached and I let him But why wouldn't I? He's a very attractive man in his late 50s He noticed me my youthful femininity and maybe that he could fill a void in me I am satisfied with my appearance: my breasts are large and I am demanding of myself I shave my pussy bare I nurse myself and she likes the whole picture No other than me my looks my opportunity with me a woman showing signs of willingness to swim alone in the pool alone
She was pushy which I liked Not in any other time or place but here away from my home and my acquaintances where no one can see me where my actions are only mine it felt good to give in There was nothing at stake he didn't want any part of my life he didn't want anything to do with me he was a man who liked me the woman This Is Zoltan
For the first few times we smiled at each other looked for each other's eyes stared at each other It was a refreshment for both body and soul The fifth time might have come and I was looking forward to it That's when he first called He complimented me with kindness and solidarity and I enjoyed that very much He praised me all along constantly making me feel how beautiful and desirable I am He got what he wanted he swept me off my feet
The next time the flow of the story ran impatiently forward He followed his word; and he gave me as a man which I not only took in but attracted him to me without end He besieged my female resistance by indulgence with intoxicating praises His hand touched my shoulder He'd put it on my waist and he'd rub my thighs I've been electrocuted by his touch so many times
My neglected body and soul demanded a sequel Zoltan invited me to his apartment but I couldn't say yes right away I knew exactly what he wanted and I wished for the same thing I asked myself perhaps because I wanted to resist perhaps only because I wanted to be cheated sweet and conquered because I enjoy and desire it
He was a stranger No expectations no demands who had only exaggerated admiration and runaway desires These are the subjects of me who may have enjoyed the sweet burden of these He's a character in a game where every moment is about joy and where there are no rules No strings no responsibilities Where there is no appearance of boundaries and where there is no expectation that I should meet Unlimited freedom of choice endless freedom of pleasure between two people
We entered the apartment and we both knew what we wanted I was overcome by a bewildering feeling which was an inexplicable mixture of boundless liberation and the intimate solitude of a locked room A place of crime where anything can happen with impunity
He took my upper body out of the cover of my dress and began to besiege my breasts with pleasure and kisses Not only was the man new but the experience too My husband has never paid so much attention to them It's like a dead-on piece of art with its tongue twisted sucking my nipples into orgasm The rest of the world I've known has been pulled from my feet by the sudden impression that the siege of my breasts has dragged me to the brink of orgasm
I got rid of the rest of my clothes in a state of ecstasy and now in retrospect without a glimmer of modesty I took the position that led to the long-awaited experience I looked with my legs wide open towards my gushing entrance and the moment when Zoltan's tail approached me was forever one of the most beautiful of all
It's not just my pussy it's my whole body tense with excitement And when Zoltan pushed it in I got everything my body ever wanted
If I may put it this way: big dick gently but with perfect determination he slipped deep into my pussy()


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