Crazy Blonde College Girl Creampie ‘d

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Holy 13081999 19: 40
I'm eating whiskey chocolate And yogurt Is that normal? I don't think so I want to eat you I'd start with the back of your head and your itty - bitty hair You're gonna make it look sexy again aren't you? It's so good to touch Then your ears first the right Hmmm It's really good And the left? I like it even more when your earrings clog between my teeth Then I'd lick it under your earlobe a little bit which is so hot and lower your neck from left to right then right to left I got hit by a cool breeze and my nipples got stiff Put your hand on my chest - just like the other day when my heart was pounding out of my chest I was so scared Feel how tough it is? And you see how I pull up my shirt how wrinkled his yard is? You know how much I love it when you touch it with your tongue? I put my head back and I sigh a lot I'm enjoying the game Your hand slips down without even looking you know it's the thong You put your hand under it you caress the little bald one and then you pull the green underwear off me in one firm motion What's that for? You caress my clitoris and then you slide one of your fingers into my vagina I'll get you another one I moan but you cast another spell and move them It's really good My hand touches your cock He moves he hits his head and he wants to get out of your pants I'll take it off I will kneel and touch the hot ACORN with my tongue I'm gonna lick your dick and make it disappear in my mouth Meanwhile you're digging into my hair and screaming You push me away and we're on the carpet
Jeff 13081999 20: 09
slowly I'll slip down on you my tongue will smooth your face glide down on your neck It goes on but it has to linger on the nipples that are already high I'm happy to hear your sighs but I can't stand the waiting anymoreI have to keep going I'll glide through your belly button play with your belly button for a second but I'm on my way When I get to your fine shaved pussy your body tightens I'm gonna slowly kiss your thighs and then I'm gonna sit between your legs and I'm gonna drill my head all the way down to your fine pussy At first I lick your labia but I can't stand it anymoreI have to go deeper I will push my tongue deeper into your vagina then pull it out then back in again But that's not enough I lift my head up and I start sucking on your clitoris which by this time has been peeking out of its place and glowing red
Holy 14081999 18: 04
I'm going crazy it's so good when you suck on my clitoris I moan but I don't want to come yet I want to give you pleasure I'm gonna sit up and grab your dick I can't take it anymore and I'm licking it I'm gonna put your testicles in my mouth I know you like this a lot you moan so big when I smoke it Then I'll lick your dick all the way through and make it disappear in my mouth I take it in and out I smoke it and as far as I know I suck it I'd like to make it all go away but Stan is so full of the game of my tongue that I can't But it's okay I can feel it growing and it feels really good And I'm starting to get that taste the taste of sperm I'm gonna grab the base of your dick and I'm gonna keep moving it in my mouth Then before the volcano erupts you push me away I caress your breasts I count your nipples I know you like that too I'll move my tongue down to your belly You're shaking with excitement I'm tickling you but that tickling is not like that It's kind of hot I'm circling your belly button with my tongue You want to push me away again but you get weak when I touch your dick And yet you try to keep up and you put me on the carpet You start licking my tits drawing circles that's how you go to the nipples
Jeff 15081999 16: 52
I'll lick your nipples but only until my excitement subsides I don't want to come yet I lay on you but I'm not going in yet rubbing your clitoris with my dick I move my butt around I get so excited When you can't take it anymore you're gonna take my tool by the handful and put it in your pussy I'm gonna push it in slowly and then I'm gonna stop a little bit and I'm gonna pull it back in and then I'm gonna push it back in a little bit a little bit more So I'm moving in stages with my dick all the way down to the base I'm gonna rest here for a while and then I'm gonna start moving()


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