Fucking and Sucking in the Myakka River, Florida almost getting caught

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It's one of those weekends where you have to do everything but have a little time But luckily Sunday is free
I'll be at your place a few hours after lunch You bet me a nice little kiss and you tell me you're gonna take care of me but you still have to put it out there It's Okay - I said If I wasn't a klutz I'd be happy to help After you're done we'll go to bed together like we used to The tv's on you're fiddling with the laptop like so many times After a few minutes you get bored you pull the computer over and you snuggle up to me Little kisses popping caressing your back and your face And you're purring on my lap I love this kind of thingit's so cozy and relaxing But here come the long kisses little kisses almost touching each other's lips Slowly you open your mouth with your little tongue just stick it out lick my lips Then I'll do the same You know this kiss our lips meet just in passing but more and more firmly It's your favorite
I'll pull you up grab your ass You're a little flushed with excitement you're breathing faster I'm excited about this I'm stroking your side and your back back and forth on your ass I'm trying to touch the side of your tits but your hand is just covering it up I'm going to use a different ruse change your mouth to your face your chin Little kisses everywhere moving down I'll spend some time in your ear I love that fine skin over there Meanwhile I can smell your freshly washed hair Well you shouldn't be there's no timethe girls ' hand-to-hand game is about to start We're gonna be late anyway You know that so when I walk around your ears with my mouth and my tongue gently glides through the soft skin you pull my head back After a long kiss you break away from me and warn me of time I know that Not enough to carry on not enough to do nothing I'll keep trying just in case but common sense wins That's when you realize why it's so intense My pants are bulging You turned me on by kissing me You got a nasty little smile on your face about how you turned me on
We should probably get going I've got my coat and shoes on but now you're gonna have to do me Standing on your toes you're gonna hug my neck and give me a hot kiss You stretch your breasts out and you push them against me and your butt will roll back I can't help but slip my hands on it I'd make a decision for you but you're leaving saying there's no time I give up or I'll just focus on after the game I'm determined to give you something in bed you won't forget I hope your underwear is strong enough and can take a quick twitch of course down
Now you won't rest You're coming on to me again Now I push you against the wall more firmly and kiss your neck almost immediately Maybe I'm a little intense now I'm gonna push you back into the room roll you through the door It's a good thing your parents aren't homethey wouldn't like it
I think you're losing it too We're eating each other I'm gonna take one of your tits in my hand through a dress And behold through thin fabric you can feel that you no longer play Your tiny nipples are pointed forward It just gives me extra confidence I'm gonna lay you on your back and I'm gonna be all over you The thread wasn't completely torn You're shutting me down It's time to go I'll get up at the end of the bed You sit up I'm standing between your legs a little bit Our bodies are inches apart Especially in a certain place
You feel that the opportunity of the situation should be taken advantage of You're gonna put my top up and you're Gonna Give me a little kiss on the belly right above my belt You're in a very sensitive area You can smell it from a little sigh
I'm gonna bend over I'm gonna take your face in my hand I'm gonna look you in the eye and I'm gonna kiss you I just hope it's as passionate as I want you to be You won't let me go again we have to go Still another kiss on the belly I guess I'll even voice that notion A little conniving smile can tell you a lot One little kiss and then another and all of a sudden I find myself kissing the part above the buckle gently on my belly
And to continue your flirtation you will allow my belt with your teeth only at the most necessary moment you will help me with your hand You're driving me crazy It's very erotic the way you do it A little naughty smile and the way you look me in the eye it tells me everything I feel like pulling your panties off almost immediately But I can't even move so don't stop
You don't unbutton just two buttons and kiss every square inch as you slowly force the jeans down I'm trying to help youyou're not taking this very well you're pushing my hand Underwear stays You still have plans for that Just like you're pulling down jeans slowly You can get to the part I shave You kiss and lick I'm really enjoying what you're doing It's almost painful to see my originally hanging tail rise from the buttocks but the pants buttons and the boxers won't let me


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