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It was a hot warm summer day It's like the last 20 The only difference was that my mood was worse Worse I don't think that's the right word more like the end of the world I mean at 16 you tend to overestimate a break-up Although I really didn't know what I was missing I mean that little redhead from next street she didn't go easy In fact to be honest he didn't give in at all We'd been dating for over two months and I could only get to the point where I could touch her breasts (they were nice and big no mention of it like two ripe cantaloupes) but we didn't get much further than that Okay I got into her pants once but unfortunately not like that just by hand But I also appreciate that memory because it was the first time I ever touched a woman's pubic hair It was nice for Nora it was reddish and short - because she shaved it I rubbed her pussy for a few minutes after a long persuasion after which she kindly allowed it but it seemed that I did not impress her too much for at one point she told me to stop and we would continue another time and she had to get ready and her best friend invited her to the movies at night I took my hand out of her little black lace panties kissed her goodbye with a kiss and that was it
It's really gone since then
We broke up She's got a new boyfriend not surprisingly and I'm sitting here on my bed bored out of my mind looking at a Playboy from three months ago I look at hot naked pictures of supermodels and suddenly I feel the familiar tension on my shorts I do not hesitate for a moment to think that I should have the same pleasure: if there is no red Nora then I shall be forced to make myself happy He followed the idea: I quickly pulled off my light blue shorts and my steel-grey underwear and thus half-naked I sat down on the bed in a turtleneck I took my very hard dick in my left hand and I started pulling the skin slowly and slowly In the meantime I've carefully placed Playboy in firing range so that if it "happens" I can shoot Pamela Anderson in the chest I smiled at that thought for a moment But just for a second 'Cause I got a really quick freeze on my face when someone said something behind my back:
- Oh you poor thing Are you that lonely?
- What are you doing here Nicole?  all of a sudden I didn't know what to say I was so embarrassed My sister was standing outside my room She'll soon be 14 a very feminine well-built girl for her age whom I love very much We share every secret in a way worthy of Good Brothers I was gonna tell him about Nora but I haven't had a chance Now there was nothing to hide I poured my heart out to him:
- Yeah - yeah Lonely and unsatisfied And that's not gonna change for a while Nora's gone He threw me out But you know what not so much Oh good no - and here my word is broken Nicol took care of me: "come on brother don't worry about it Forget about that girl Nothing beats a loving brother believe me I'll prove it to you - he said it and laughed mischievous His tiny white teeth flashed out Which - oh my god-he took care of my foreskin I couldn't speak out of shock This little girl my little sister where does she get the idea and the courage to do this? But I didn't have time to think anymore My brain was slowly but surely beginning to be engulfed by the tiny sparks of lust It was incredible the way Nicol took my foreskin between his teeth and stretching it out he lifted his head up and down with a nod He did this until my ACORN was completely covered in translucent pre-liquid Then as if it were the most natural thing in the world he pulled down my foreskin and licked my Acorns dry with a gentle gesture Then he gave me a thoughtful look - It doesn't taste bad In fact I'm pretty sure your cum tastes better than the neighbor Robert's But with so little I can't quite make that decision You'll let me try the rest won't you? - he asked
Honestly? can you resist such a request? I didn't even try Not that I had the chance After all my little sister a masseuse took care of the operation Somehow he conjured up a small jar and dropped a borehole into his right palm Before I could say anything he put his creamy hand between my legs and carefully so as not to hurt me he massaged the cream into my scrotum It had an indescribably pleasant effect I felt my skin warm my testicles Tingle and my dick got twice as hard as it used to be (It was hard before everyone can believe it After all these preparations I waited to see what my little Nicol would do to me and I didn't have to be disappointed()


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