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David awoke his wife with cautious little kisses fearing what she would say for the "assassination" on him last night for shagging his Virgin fanny
- How'd you sleep honey? I can barely wake you up You've become like a baby bear sleeping in a winter's sleep You responded to every kiss with a silent grunt It doesn't matter if it's on your face or your lips or the button on your beautiful tits "he whispered in his wife's ear the sweet words of alarm"
 Oh David I feel like I've been run over by a tank division My butt hole was a little sensitive but it was less painful than I thought If you hadn't been so determined so pushy I never would have let you take me there You must have put a spell on me if I let you do that I never thought you'd stick your dick in my back hole but after this if you're ever so nice and hot and good again I'll probably let you After all it was a sexy game and in the end I enjoyed it very much I never thought that "said Victoria slowly recovering from the deep sleep"
 Honey what do you want to do at the end of the week? Can Colleen and Wayne come to Spain with us? How do you figure? - David asked
- Sure come on in I'm sure they'll be good company We're gonna have a good time we're gonna get some sun we're gonna sail we're gonna take a bath in the sea and my ass is gonna get some rest - said Victoria
David remembered what his friend had told him about his most secret desire She thought if Victoria were to go on not to rest her buttocks but to work so hard from her friend's thick tail it would be as if she were to lose her virginity again He couldn't decide if he would tell his sweetheart what he and Wayne were talking about He decided to keep it quiet whatever it takes Things will turn out the way life brings them The sun the sea the relaxing alcohol the good music the delicately erotic conversation or does it bring a mutual intention to have a good group sex where Of course she can fuck Colleen's tight young vagina or even visit her butt? Though her friend says she's a virgin all over the place except her mouth it's a fleeting state If he could take one of his virginity it would be an extra gift for him because he can't remember the last time he had a virgin
Her true lover's butt was a virgin until last night or she played the Virgin very well but to christen a completely virgin that's a whole different thing Despite all his fame and charm fate rarely put him in a situation where he could fuck an untouched pussy or a butt The young fan girls the fans they'd been through the baptism of fire long before they offered themselves to the famous star and he could crush them
- Let's get up honey ' cause I'm late for practice today and the master's gonna cut the weekend break Then the long weekend is over and we'll be back from Spain before we leave
- Then let's fight  Victoria was getting up
After a quick bath and a light breakfast he jumped into David's car and headed for training camp In front of the tarmac ramp two teenage girls with tight bodies waved trying to hitch a ride David's eyes caught on the exciting sight of their swinging hard breasts following the waving arms 'If you didn't have to go to practice now and the night hadn't been so Stormy you'd stop now and fuck both of them somewhere along the way' he thought while he was driving enlisting me on the highway
Colleen and Wayne spent the night together The girl was now unwilling to do anything but say good night to her fiancé Wayne put his arms around her pressed to her back and listening to her calm breathing she fell asleep too In his sleep he loved Victoria's body again pushing her silky vagina with his thick dick and shoving the wet penis into her butt hole Then he woke up from his sleep and felt his tail stretched between Colleen's thighs ready to water the muscular hard thighs If you wake up a moment later you will water your beloved's body His pulsating penis flattened from her desire to her dewy pussy She felt damp and hot skin between her thighs He moved cautiously and touched the tip of his comma to his beloved's clitoris He noticed that the peapee covered with velvety skin trembles with longing for his touch He could feel the hot drop of desire wandering from her untouched pussy He moved back a little and the wet lips opened from the touch of his petting penis His sweetheart moved in his sleep and Wayne felt the tip of his dick slip between the open lips Coleen woke up and she was moving little on the bed and she felt just a tight little member in her vagina His eyes were frightened forgetting his sleepiness


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