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Attila was in the café's garden browsing his favorite daily newspaper in the company of a steaming cappuccino
"21-year-old Diana and 23-year-old Melinda's 18-28 partner"he had read it who knows how many times and remembered how excited he was before calling the number The phone was picked up by Melinda whose pleasant voice and unanticipated kindness completely lifted her inhibitions They were supposed to meet at the cafe and go up to the apartment He found himself staring at the same ad for five minutes He looked at his watch put the card away and then took a sip of his drink
Soon a tall very pretty woman came to his table It was Melinda Her long dark brown hair fell on her shoulders in mild waves and some of the curls courted on her excruciatingly large breasts His face was beautiful and kind just like he thought it would be during the conversation He greeted her with a polite kiss offered her a seat and then ordered her hot chocolate The girl liked the reception she gave the boy with an honest smile They started talking and when the drinks they ordered arrived the money was taken care of Melinda told me that her friend would join in a little later but she assured Attila that she would not be bored until then After they had finished their drinks they set off towards the girls ' common apartment
Mikoe arrived and she showed her soon-to-be sex partner around the apartment In one room there was a large red double bed with a dark red silken lid and six small pillows On the bedside table there were frozen Russian champagne and three crystal glasses The walls were in a pleasant peach color and the window was covered with a white curtain Melinda lit the three scented candles on the table and started a seductively erotic striptease Attilla's body was covered with a chill feeling her blood flowing His penis is hardened violently tense in his underwear He covered her neck and shoulders with breathless kisses absorbed her scent and could not get enough of it The breasts forced into the dark-red lace rack appeared which now seemed bigger than an hour ago in the cafe Melinda turned her back on the guy who slowly turned the bra off Her gently caressing hands went through her shoulders shoulders and her bare breasts They crawled under the thong decorated with lace where they felt thick silky hair He began to rub the wet labia with two fingers and then reached up into the vagina Meanwhile Melinda was trying to get rid of the boy's underwear He stepped out of his thong and did his best until he freed the steadfast phallus from his prison When Attila had finished fingering she turned to him again He began to lick his beautiful breasts tightly glued to the boy's body moving down his chest The boy gently stroked her hair while Melinda slowly got down on her knees
They heard a noise Suddenly Diana walked in on them The sight of his naked girlfriend and a man who was also naked a complete stranger did not surprise him at all and in a moment he stripped and joined the party The girls settled down in front of Attila greeted each other with kisses and exchanged a few sentences laughing When they finished Dia began to look at the penis above them
- She's quite a piece of work - he said so
- Small? - he was distraught over Melinda's girlfriend's opinion - it must be about 5 '10" which is anything but small  Melinda defended the ever-darker-headed lizard
Dia looked at him and laughed
- Look how his head turned red Is my darling embarrassed?
The two girlfriends looked at each other with an accomplice and then they giggled The laughter stopped at once and they jumped to the boy's groin almost at the same time Just now girls laughing cynically threw themselves on Attila's life-affirming cock like a hungry wild animal They held him tight licked him licked him bit him sometimes After eight minutes of intense intercourse the boy enjoyed a great deal and lumpara splashed his juice all over the place which his friends welcomed with their mouths open Most of the semen hit the target but it got into their hair face forehead neck()


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