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Tímea looked at himself with satisfaction in the mirror With his slender fingers he stroked over his face and checked his makeup by pouting his lips The 29-year-old woman looked gorgeous The light green suit perfectly highlighted its brilliant shape The trousers and the suit on his body tell us all about the perfection beneath him The long thighs the muscular and round buttocks the flat belly the shapely hips and those big proudly bulging breasts Her shiny deep black hair falling down to her shoulder perfectly framed her beautiful face made of swollen lips nose and brown eyes And the height of 178 centimeters was extended by a high-heeled high-heeled hinged shoe which made him rise above ordinary people like the goddess of sexuality on the ground
Of course with that look he used to be a successful model during his university studies But now he was content to maintain his body with weekly intensive aerobics classes and running which frankly he was very vain and proud of He knew exactly what it would do to men but he'd been happily married for three years so they tried nothing Her husband Gábor was a photographer and was currently abroad at an exhibition
Tímea was a personal assistant to the CEO of a large company His boss's name was Stephen and his daughter got married today He also invited tíme to the wedding who was happy to accept the invitation even though he was forced to go alone
The wedding was the usual It was a civil part of the church After that the popular wedding party was transported by minibuses to the chief's estate near Budapest where large tents were waiting for guests The large house was surrounded by over five acres of park with stables and swimming pools There was wealth and prosperity everywhere There were a lot of them over 150 Tímea only knew three people so she felt completely alone He sat down at one of the tables and tried to talk to the people around him The weather was brilliant The sky in August was covered by only a few clouds of sheep The soft breeze made the warm air warm
The long meal served the guests well on all Earth There were more than 15 main dishes to choose from besides the countless sweets There was no shortage of drinks from wine to the most expensive cognac and other beverages Tímea just pecked because she always took care of her figure At the same time in the morning the vans returned everyone back to pest and it was possible to get out at several points in the city That's why he succumbed to temptation and drank his favorite Champagne By the time the night fell thanks to all the alcohol we had consumed the atmosphere had increased considerably Soon for the popular songs of the band the dance floor was filled with laughing and dancing entertainers All those flashing spotlights turned the swirling population into color
Tímea was having a great time The champagne and the Heat put him in a pleasant state of drunkenness Right after dinner two elderly gentlemen settled in Stephen and John belonged to the wife's guests They were good friends They were both 70 75 years old István is slightly portly John is very obese But their humor was very good Knowing he came alone they asked his permission to stay with him and entertain him Tímea was happy to agree Soon he laughed loudly at the funny and witty remarks of the two old men When the young woman began to rock her body under the influence of music she was asked to dance Tímea was happy to accept the invitation
The two old men took turns dancing Tímea could and loved to dance She and her husband Gábor haven't been out much lately So now he can finally give himself the full pleasure of dancing The old folks were good dancers They held him in their arms and he felt the dance skills of his partners He was laughing loudly and spinning as the music and the hands holding his hand and waist demanded While the two men were alternating in the short rest periods he continued to drink the champagne with thirst It's been a long time since you've felt so frenetic He knew the drink had made him a little dizzy but he decided this night to let himself go With all the hard work he hasn't relaxed in a long time and he just realized how much I missed this freedom The two men continued to compliment her and praise her dance skills to enhance her cheerfulness
So after the midnight bride Dance she succumbed to the call of the men and threw herself among the people who stole the sound of music The arms of his new acquaintances now held the girl dancing violently to their bodies at times The men reached the breast of Tímea They're attached to the girl Of course not long enough to feel the perfect curves The heads covered with white hair were pressed against the hard breasts while the hands on the waist almost accidentally wandered onto the hard bottom()


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