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Oh for the life of me Tom's mouth was full of repressed cursing
He hit his cell phone in a rage in the passenger seat
"Now I must go back to work" he said to himself " for at least an hour before he rectifies the error of his subordinates" You can forget about the freshly served dinner and you know that Angelica has spent all day preparing for the Friday night thing He cleaned the apartment beautifully put the broth on the table early in the morning moved the bed with freshly pressed crispy sheets ran down early to the butcher's to pick out the most beautiful meat for his master began to prepare dinner with precise timing and shredding the biscuits so that everything would be fresh and hot on the table at 7: 00 sharp so that there would be time for a nice cup of coffee a joint smoke and a quick shower before we had to go to the theatre It will be a great disappointment for the poor man that in spite of his desire to create perfection the final result will be a fast-eaten dinner heated in a microwave a dinner lost by zama an abrupt dress and a compulsive "I can't wait for it to be over and we can go to hell" Theater night Of course making love is not in the mood
"Save the night that can be saved" said Tom reaching for the phone
- Hi sweetieI'm sorry I'm going through a bit of trouble at the office I'll be home at least two hours later than I planned Don't worry about dinner you know it's okay if it doesn't turn out like it would have been We'll forget about the theater we'll sit in the tub covered in foam and you can massage the tension out of me Don't let them ruin our evening I promise you your night will be more meaningful than we were at the theater I'll be home soon Hello Darling
Two hours later Tom turned his car keys again drove out of the parking lot and headed home On the way he stopped for a bouquet of flowers and a box of Belgian pralines
He stopped his engine in front of the house with a sigh and got out of the car with a big blow He stretched out his back with satisfaction knocking down his spine He walked towards the door with a smile
She did not have to touch the doorknob; Angelica had been standing at the door for half an hour and opened it to her husband with a smile on her face He held Tom with his arms wide open
Tom walked back laughing at least let me put my bag down and he smiled
Angelica didn't give me time He took the bag out of Tom's hand put it aside and then took the jacket off him with an avowed gesture but from his left behind it did not work the first time He gently drew his hand towards you and when he saw the large rose bouquet he was happy to scream
He took the intoxicating scent deep and ran with it towards the vase on the dining-room table
Tom followed her with a smile and dropped a little tired on the chair at the head of the table
- I'll get dinneryou heard Angelina scream from the kitchen
It didn't take a second and there was hot soup on the table He leaned back comfortably while Angelica filled his plate with golden soup and the pre-selected most appropriate delicacies to his master's taste
 I kept it warm because I know how you like it honey
- You're not eating? - Tom asked between two walls
- Just looking at you - Filled Tom's glass with Angelica - I love to see you enjoy my cooking I'll get the main course I made Kiev but it's cold should I warm it up?
- We'd better not the microwave kills the flavorI'd rather eat cold
- I'll get the bath water ready By the time you're done the tub will be full Let me know when your glass is empty I'll be right back
Tom looked pleased after Angelica He couldn't help but notice how she was all dressed up for the evening Light silk mini-suit apparently without underwear high-heeled slippers frisen washed and tied behind hair and discreet makeup
A few minutes later Tom woke up satisfied from the table He walked to the bathroom door stopped and waited Angelica was ready to go after him turned against him and began to button Tom's shirt Meanwhile he couldn't resist breathing a quick kiss on Tom's neck on the tender curve where the neck and shoulder meet
Tom moved a hair on his shoulder to make the shirt easier to fall on the ground and then acknowledged that he was kneeling in front of her and he took his belt off so that he could easily pull the jeans off
Tom did not make a single unnecessary move to help the undressing process not turn to burlesk and to do so through the oiling exercise When the pants were off the undergarments followed Of course by the inexplicable kiss of breath which this time resulted in the encounter of the comma and the thigh-top()


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