Quebec Porn Bloopers Special – Part 2

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I was dreaming In my dream two girls caressed me and my dick just got hard just hard
I woke up and the dream became real All of a sudden I didn't know where I was or what was going on when all the late-night stuff started coming back to me My lips smiled and I took a gentle look at Ildiko and Pony
"Look someone's awake" said Ildiko
- There too? "Monica asked with double entendre while her hand continued to pamper me
Both my hands move at the same time towards the mesmerizing bodies kneeling on both sides and as I reach them I gently caress their sides
"You are wonderful and what you have done to me is heavenly" I said and slowly holding Ildiko's waist I drew him to me I began to caress her face gently with my mouth with little kisses to pamper her as I caressed her back with my hands There was a slight tremor on his body which was pressed against my chest as I ran my fingers through both sides of his spine from his neck to his waist The passion of our lips was kissed and I gently pressed her butt with my hands I was suddenly torn from her lips and reaching under her arm I pulled her up so I could pamper her breasts with my lips I slowly caressed her left breast first then her right I could feel her nipples hardening I began to suck her right nipple harder and harder and massage her left with my right hand With my other hand I caressed her ass through the grooves the anus and the dam towards her pussy Instead of the usual short-cut hair I found silky bare lips I was surprised when I separated from her breasts and grabbed her by the side I turned Ildiko on her back I glanced at the base of her thighs Ildiko seeing the direction of my eyes raised his knees my curiosity and excited me slowly opened his lap In front of my eyes her naked cunt opened like a flower
- Isn't it beautiful? - said Monica "He asked me to shave it for your sake and I prepared it for you"
All I could do was nod The enchanting sight brought me closer and closer until my forehead had reached his thigh From her wet aroused vagina I could smell the familiar sweet scent I couldn't control myself anymore I slowly smoothed over her lips with my tongue I could tell from his tremor that Ildiko liked it I pampered him with my gliding tongue moving in and out through the little lips to the clitoris which like a small hill rose I kissed her gently this desirable overgrown pea and went on with my tongue to her vagina My hands were not idle I lifted her waist with my right hand under which Monica quickly put a pillow They massaged the anus of my left hand and the dam while I stirred the flower of his lap with my tongue Meanwhile Monica was not idle With his hands he caressed Ildiko's breasts sucking my cock with his mouth From Ildiko a series of Sighs burst upon the influence of our blessed activity
- Not yet - he shouted and me and Monica both stopped
- I want to feel you inside me "whispered Ildiko in a voice falling from excitement"
I took one last kiss on her pussy and I laid down in the middle of her thighs On both sides of his body I raised my hard tail slowly around the Baby Lips I could feel him lifting his hips to catch my ACORN with his sheath I didn't want to give in yet but with Monica's hands behind my back she grabbed me by the waist preventing me from getting my dick out of the entrance to Ildiko's cave of love By surrendering to gentle violence I slowly entered the depths of Ildiko's wet pussy I could feel her wet cave hugging my cock Slowly I began to move in it as I gazed upon his face Perhaps there is nothing more beautiful than the face of a woman approaching pleasure As he closes his eyes opens his eyes closes his lips and opens his sigh
By letting go of my waist Monica began to pamper us both I could feel him touching both of our anus and dams The alternating movement of his fingers was aligned with my rhythm as I pulled my dick in and out of Ildikó's pussy faster and as I pressed it in with a slow circular motion I stirred the interior of his vagina and its clitoris at once Monica's finger suddenly slipped into my butt I was surprised because I wasn't expecting it this time I just thought the same thing might have happened to Ildiko because for a moment he was frozen but then he was relaxed again
From Ildiko louder and louder sighs were more and more frequent I could feel from his tremor that he was getting closer and closer to the top I didn't want to waste any more time so I kept fucking him with quick long moves My balls have run into Monica's hands from time to time as she follows my movements and runs her fingers through our butts()


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