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I've been thinking about death a lot lately So over 50 it's probably natural By now you'll be experiencing pain toothache headache and a thousand other forms He's going through various hospital procedures limb fractures minor or major surgeries By this time you know how fleeting life is Maybe he'll learn to appreciate it I mean who knows?
In any case death begins to fear
Hi Uncle Geza The young woman's voice rang and broke the silence of Sunday afternoon
What brings you here? Your mother where is she? Did you come alone?
Yeah I was just passing by and thought I'd pop in
You did the right thing You just picked the wrong timethere's no one home but me
We'll be fine here you and me Géza
Did she drink? She was my sister-in-law's daughter and she's been playing Uncle all her life so what's with the gay-bashing? He didn't look at me he walked around the house with a smile on his face and every time he came in front of me he was a little less clothed I was scared to look him in the eye make sure his pupils weren't dilated I just froze She's a beautiful young woman even if she's a kindred spirit she's still beautiful All I had left was a pair of panties and what I was able to pull myself together enough-strongly concealing my shameless erection - to ask myself " What Are you doing Eve?" Why did you undress?
You don't like me? He asked me back right away
I've known you since you were born I can't look at you like a woman
He glanced gloomingly at the bulge of my tracksuit: you can't fool me
Get dressed don't be silly Don't pull my pants Don't flush it Oh Don't be silly I'm too old for this game
I was so desperate to back down I was pulling on my tracksuit and he was on his knees before me When I hit the wall I realized " Oh my God he's got it in his mouth"
I kept muttering more and more softly that I shouldn't do this I can't allow it your mother finds out she'll break my neck my wife if she finds out I'm a lost man if I understand all these years of loyalty I shouldn't have done it Oh boy are you gonna bite it off?


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