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I was at my parents ' this weekend and all my meetings were under some false pretenses and I canceled I don't have much time to go homeI don't like that sleepy little town of nothing and destitute Where people have no incentive to move on but I got the impression in 19 years here that they wouldn't do anything even if the opportunity fell in their lap It was more convenient to find self-justification for everything with the grave-packing and the constant complaining But I on the other hand had no desire to go where or where it had gone sometimes I felt this feeling with tremendous force Fortunately it took me less than two years to realize my dream so I went as far away from that shithole where I felt I was never truly appreciated My parents were the only ones who kept me there But not to the small town technically but to the only house on one street I felt a kind of mysterious love for it The reason I was so happy to go home this weekend was because my parents had a birthday almost the same day and I wanted to thank them for raising me There's no way I could have missed my mother enjoying bragging about her new graduate daughter It was true but he had no way of knowing that I had dropped out of Law School in the third year and started a completely different profession I can tell you it's the same story In the legal profession lawyers sell themselves a lot but there's so much difference here I'll do it in practice I can say that I practice it literally and I don't find that at all humiliating honestly I've come to a world I never dreamed of But in the eyes of the people back home I was a young girl working in a simple office starting her career in law If I didn't want my mother to die of shame I had to keep it up Another aspect of my stay at home was to see if you'd heard anything sensitive about me In spite of my caution this can happen at any time although I've been moving in circles that have very little chance of doing so But better safe than sorry Professionalism is based on prudence and discretion And I'm a professional
At the beginning of sophomore year when my girlfriend invited me on a tour abroad she revealed her secret about how she could afford to travel her own place My first reaction was disgust then indignation and I wanted to go home immediately and I asked myself to make it look like I waswhat I would do is satisfy men I guess the first night I didn't sleep I just couldn't sleep When I relaxed a little the first seductive thing was money So looking back a few years from now money is the least important thing And I might add pleasure doesn't always knock on the door when you're together It gives me more power to look into the private lives of my clients No one would ever know how much respect that gives people in the business However getting to this level was not easy at all
I became a prostitute by treating my first clients as my own seduction I still remember every move every stroke It really helped her to agree to the fact that the first time I met an intelligent guy I was destined to be with her It was fate that was secretly working in the background It was like an adventure a pleasant company a conversation over a drink I was getting pretty good at flirting looking at a real attractive sexual encounter with the middle-aged man He was not handsome but there was something hot in his body and his speech swept me off my feet and he was a good courtier I didn't even notice when he was at the bar Button-ing my blouse and mapping the outline of my breast my apple-shaped emblem was in his grasp A few minutes later he whispered in my ear asking us to go up to his room and I had enough alcohol in my blood to follow him without thinking holding hands On my way up I tripped on a flight of stairs and we laughed loudly as I fell on one knee and then suddenly he picked me up and carried me to the room in his lap Before he put me on the bed he kissed me deep into my neck and licked me all the way to the line of my breasts I lay with my arms spread out on the bed with my red sheets half-up and my skirt flashed out of my vulva because I wasn't wearing any underwear That was specifically requested by the client He reached up my skirt grabbed me in the ass and I enjoyed the sheer desire on the tip of his fingers He pulled the skirt off me threw it on the floor by the bed in two pieces The crack of the cloth excites me I felt my vagina wet my clitoris Tingle He wanted to be pampered but by the time I thought about it I could feel the nimble fingertips playing on my slippery organ She started to move like a reflex action on her hip and she's seen me for months without a man and I was able to give myself to a stranger()


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