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Our archives are right on the top floor of the office building unlike other companies in the basement Of course we don't have a basement Only two people have access to the archives the chief's secretary and me
In the summer I had to search the records office for a client So I went upstairs to find the file The door wasn't locked so I opened without suspicion I was struck by strange sounds from the shelves Some people are having sex here I tiptoed in the direction of the voices Peter was screwing Mariann the secretary The sight made my back crawl I hadn't been with a man in like six months and my pussy was like " Oh my god it's so nice to see him" I didn't want to disturb them so I carefully snuck back to the door and quietly closed it behind me
From then on I was thinking that someone should be lured up there I tried Peter at first but it soon became clear that he wasn't really eligible On the one hand I think she was really into Marian and on the other hand she doesn't really like older women like me I'm not ashamed that I'm over 35 and I'm over a divorce My breasts are no longer as stout as they were 20 years ago my skin has been sagging here and there but three times a week is still pretty well maintained
In the summer like any other company we have a big slump half of them are on vacation and the other half are waiting for the time to come This is also the time when we have young people coming in for a summer internship The company has two I T guys Alexander and Imre Imre's in charge and he brought his son in last year for summer practice He's 17 now he's well-built and the girls are gonna love him I asked Imre to lend me the boy for a week because I want to fix the archives
For my age I put on a pretty bold miniskirt on Monday and a white blouse I bought three new thongs on Saturday and I've already opened one We started tidying up at 9: 00 I must say the boy could work We finished a line in an hour and a half Although it's true at first it was just a matter of sorting out the papers By the second row I started doing all the little female tricks I took the bottom shelf for example I was crouching but I had to make sure that Imi could see up my skirt He was very surprised at first but soon I noticed that he liked the view His pants started bulging in the front He turned his head and pretended not to see anything I smiled faintly yesI can still feel the Virgin
At the end of the line I was on the ladder and Imi was handing out the files He posted every single file so he could look right up my skirt We just started the third line but I told IMI we'd pick it up tomorrow He was a little sad to learn that his day's peeping tom was over
The next day I wore pants but I didn't wear underwear or bras The pants were thin enough but they weren't transparent My T-shirt on the other hand sometimes I get my nipples pierced Imi was waiting for me upstairs and I could see in his eyes that he wanted to see me in a skirt today His disappointment on the other hand went away when he saw my nipples start to swell We picked up where we left off yesterday I was laddering again and Imi was giving me stuff As I came down from the ladder I pretended to fall off it and fell into Imi's arms He grabbed me at my waist with one hand and he grabbed my ass with the other hand I heard him moan and then he grabbed his hand off my butt all confused I thanked him for his help and then I walked to the next line He brought the ladder after me and I asked him to let me rest for a while
We brought two chairs in from the hallway and sat down I asked him about school and then I got more and more involved in the conversation and I found myself in a more delicate place I found out he doesn't have a girlfriend at the moment but he's already had a short teenage crush in his life but they only got to the kiss I saw the subject was getting awkward so I suggested we get back to work As I stood up I stretched out a little bit so my shirt stretched over me and it let me see the outline of my breasts The whole scene took place one step at a time and the poor man was blushing again but his eyes were hanging on the pedestal
He got up from his chair in confusion but I saw that the scene had affected him quite a bit and his trousers were quite bulging I felt this was my chance to make my wish come true We went back to the archives and I stepped up the ladder again I told IMI if you don't mind we could work overtime today because I want to finish this job tomorrow The poor thing felt pretty bad about it but she kept working I found sadness in his eyes but I knew that if he knew what his reward would be today he'd be happy


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