My stepmom doesn’t know that I fucked her sister-LITTLEMARYLOLLIPOP

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It was mid-July hot all day scorching heat Juliet convinces her lover Bencé to spend this day together on the waterfront namely the beaches of ORFU Bence wanted to tell his friends to join us at first but his girlfriend had mysteriously talked him out of this plan Bence of course had no idea of her secret naughty scheme He was a little disappointed that they were going without the buddy group but he soon realized it was a good decision to leave the friends at home
Juliet had already been acting out of the ordinary this morning wearing a low-key but very sexy makeup Her outfit didn't exactly remind Bence of typical Juliet A white top a black miniskirt and a red lace thong beneath it completely separating its tight buttocks Her perfume is sweet not at all ostentatious but it was the scent she used when she first met Bencé With his black leather bag he was ready for a picnic
So they got in the car and Bence was driving and Juliet who was staring at the little gearbox under the wheel After leaving he put his hand on the thigh of his partner and caressed Bence's thigh through the shorts and moved his fine fingers further in and then touched the hardening masculinity of Bence Bence of course did not know what to make of it; it was unusual of his girlfriend; of course he did not resist; he enjoyed being a little different than usual
After 25 minutes of driving and caressing they arrived by the lake fortunately there are few which is surprising on such a hot day As soon as they got out of the car Julia looked for a bush which in her shadow put on her new fierce bikini which Bence had never seen before Bence being a little more shy and thinking in advance underlined his swimming trunks at home but his masculinity and a little stain indicated that the caress during the drive did not go away without a trace
Julia asked Bencé to cover her body with sunscreen Bence did the job and then they went in the water She grabbed Bence's balls as soon as the water covered her They went in and then Bence grabbed his friend's ass and pressed it against him The water was pleasantly cool but Bence's virility like a hot sword touched Juliet's modesty
- Can you feel that pulse? - asked Bence
- Your heart or down in the water at my feet Bence? - and then he laughed
With that laugh he reached into Bence's masculinity pressed it even more to his modesty and began gently pulling the hard tail Meanwhile Bence was kissing his partner's neck almost on the verge of ejaculation when Juliet laughed and stopped indulging God
Juliet ran out of the water Bence didn't understand and he ran after her
- What are you doing? - the disappointed boy asks
 I'm gonna have some fun Bence but you're gonna get your reward - she answered
He laid out a towel and went to bed to sunbathe Bence once again smeared his buttocks thighs back of the girl and lay beside her She provoked Bence again put her hand down his pants and pampered him Lucky for him he got thirsty in the Heat got up and went to his car


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