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The man was tired of dirty soirees all the losers in suits hyenas and fortune hunters He hated social gatherings like this He slowly put on his suit and politely said goodbye to the champagne company and then stepped out the front door of the villa He waved to the doorman who called a taxi for him and then he arrived She just wanted Anna Go home and drag me to you and kiss me hot
He's on his way home
The cab stopped in front of a big house with a brick stake and he got out He rang the bell and a faint buzzing said the gate had been opened The sky is beautiful
He enters the Great Hall and receives his little English bulldog:
- Woof woof- happy to
- Come on you little brat you should really wait till I take my shoes off - says the man in a state and then plays with the dog's ear You can feel it slowly filling up with positive emotions being at home just a few steps away from Anna Not to mention my little ball fork
Finally she steps into the living room and a blonde blue-eyed beauty steps towards her and throws herself into her arms with the following words:
- I thought you'd never come home - it's a soft kiss for the man
- I missed you too pretty eyes - and he smiles at her and then he sees the table set
None of his girlfriends have cooked for him in 27 years and he's moved because Anna's been with him for two weeks but they're more connected than anyone else
He hugs her tighter smooths a naughty lock out of her face and says:
- Thank you - thank you - more kisses and then they have a hard time eating dinner and then they go upstairs to the bedroom Anna is only 19 years old but she knows the man is the one for her and she doesn't know why this boy came to her because she could have picked up anyone with her latin face and her gorgeous manner So he asks the man who embraces him a question:
- Why me? Why?
The man slowly puts the girl on the bed because inside you there is the child the mature woman the fire the light the passion you make me feel a million feelings just thinking about you And you're beautiful I like your mouth it touches her lips slowly caresses her with her tongue your eyes and her finger caresses Anna's eyebrows her body is perfect - and he starts unbuttoning her blouse
Anna kisses him violently caresses the man's neck with her tongue rips off his shirt and pulls it on himself He takes her bra off takes it off and the sight makes her moan She starts caressing him sucking on his nipples Anna unbutton the man's pants and she feels the bloating masculinity She gets turned on
Anna felt the weight of desire over her Her nipples are sharp and firm and she enjoys a man's hand crawling up her thighs reaching her buttocks and then continuing her way all the way to her tight breasts Now he really feels like a woman He caresses the man like crazy wherever he goes He feels like he's going crazy with desire
He lets his hair out shoulder-length black Anna is now realizing how muscular the boy's body is:


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