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 We're leaving Root and we're drinking whiskey at the Leprechaun We're 18 once And no more
- All right Dumpe let's go But only because you ask so nicely
The two boys shrugged each other and divorced They went to class both of them just different classes and classes They were childhood friends together for better or for worse two against the world Two outsiders no real friends
The one with the luck was radicals He was a tall thin stringy boy with short blond hair and freakishly cold blue eyes He was a senior in high school with all the problems He was kicked by his teachers especially the mathematician but there was the biggest problem or rather a challenge Lili
Lili was a classmate the eternal unicorn He's never been able to get closer than the level of friendship She was hiding She was wearing baggy clothes flat shoes nobody knew what she looked like Her unruly red curls her bright eyes and her perky sweet smile made her irresistible
Dumme the best friend shared the troubles and the joys He was a chubby guy usually wearing slacks and a stretched-out T-shirt He didn't care what people thought His mother left early and his father kept changing "surrogates" Dumme grew up taught by school lived He was real he liked literature in his own way but he hated physical education He hated running and jumping
He and the kids met by accident They were alike and different at the same time They have become an improbable alliance of defence and defiance
After class Root like every day asked Lily out Lili like every day turned him down Dumpe like every day consoled his friend:
- Leave that girl alone You don't know what he looks like you don't know what he looks like you just know he's playing hard to get Do you need a problem?
- Something tells me it's worth it Dumpe Believe me I can feel it You know my instincts
Dumpme knew Your friend sensed trouble luck They got out of a fight like that won a lot of money So he let her suffer Everybody needs something
Life was in the dining room Everyone was swarming talking running The two boys sat down at their usual table They were trying to eat when Gyök's sister Viki came
Viki was an interesting phenomenon He only wore sneakers and jeans didn't show up in the crowd but he could have He was 5 '10" proportioned It was good for her dancing and karate and nighttime hobby yoga He moved lightly and with the same light tap on his brother's head Root looked up
- Good to see you blur Sit down
They sat they ate they listened to the roar At the next table the Matiq circles told me they'd just been to the Leprechaun How the Three Graces took them down
The Three Graces covered three more or less insufferable women Kata Petra and Zsofi hurt everyone at school You don't look bad But their nature
As the Unicorn was Lily Of The Radical it was doughy Of all the three girls he was probably the most normal He was just hanging out at school with these two total mall girls living his own quiet life He only partied with his girlfriends once in a while but he regretted the last party She had short brown hair bright eyes mesmerizing lips highly suggestive movements He wasn't much of a model he was more of a model
Because the Matiq boys were upset The Leprechaun must have milked them pretty bad The Three Graces They put a knife in one of their sides made them buy two bottles of booze and throw them out Friday night was short and dry
In the meantime Lili came in she was number four at the table He listened with interest to the events and then at the end of the lunch he said:
"I believe that God has a sense of humor and that he will do justice badly"
- Anyway I'll mention this event to my brother Tibi I think it has something to do with the Leprechaun
Uncle Tibi was a mother's Uncle In nature he and his sister were fire and water but they would have killed for each other and each other's families That's where the two boys went after school
In the afternoon they sat in front of the leprechaun on the terrace with Uncle Tibi His eyes were like Roots There were no wounds on his face only traces of a noisy past He lived in the night vegetated in the day He was interested in hearing the boys ' stories
- Uncle Tibi what do you have to do with the Leprechaun?
 Other than mine pretty much nothing
- What do you think?
- Can you believe these guys?
- Maybe they have no reason to lie They're fairly well off
- Then we'll tell your brother
Uncle Tibi's best friend business partner had half his life He was always available always turned up in 15 minutes always able to handle everything He could count on Tibi as he called him always in everything When he turned up he was a little disbelief
- No way No way I'm responsible for my people
"That was not a question Oödöm" said Tibi  The question is what if what the boys say is true?


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