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Summer vacation started a few weeks ago I finally got out of the depressing halls of high school It was my last summer vacation before the last year of school poverty started in September adding to the graduation Even though this disaster was always hovering over my head I was more excited about what would happen next I wanted to get into some kind of college because I did Don't get in trouble at home for one thing On the other hand I would have liked it though I've seen more sense than my studies So it's understandable I guess It's just not so bad that I thought that
I wouldn't say I was stupid Just kurv I mean damn straight I mean come on I wasn't interested in studying at all At least until I came across the sad fact that I would have been cut loose from graduation if I hadn't pulled myself together I was actually pretty smart but I shouldn't have used it in school After all the three years of slacking didn't just lead to certain failures because I had a lot of brains Then I was forced to use it in a tight spot Thank God the ancients weren't too into it otherwise I could have gone to a shrink with attention disorder or other delicacies But luckily I got away with it
You too a little bit of my own advice but a little bit of my parents ' advice (advice huh? "You can go to college or we can stop funding you"what can a son or daughter say to that statement?") we have recruited some private teachers Long live the lessons And the nausea they cause Of course when else if not during summer vacation? With all my time what else could I do?
So the torture outside the school began Out there it's almost 40 degrees not nice but in the old teacher's apartment it's a little less Of course in his first sentences he began to fear for my morals along with those of the young people my age and all because of my mild summer attire I know when he was young he would have had a heatstroke just to avoid being considered immoral I put you up to this And I was proud of it Isn't that cool? ♪ wink ♪ ♪ but I'm not changing the subject ♪  So there was this teacher I had to study biology with him Then there was this young girl - I liked her she was cool - we were playing English with her I kind of enjoyed it
And finally he was a guy in his 30s  Should I even call him a guy? More like a man Um yeah so I had to do a lot of math with him He took you seriously and he took math seriously I'm not saying I wanted to hit on him right away but he kind of messed with my imagination Just a little bit After all I was a woman back then Even if she's not a grown woman she's almost a grown woman
It's a 40-minute drive to a nice little family home in the city House-to-house monitoring Sweat removal from the forehead-unnecessarily Spiritually preparing to face zero-level knowledge Mentally preparing for some stupid math-teaching lifeless guy And then I rang the bell arrived at the target I couldn't wait 30 seconds and the door opened and the man I had already mentioned came out I'm not saying I immediately dropped the lifeless adjective from that list His outfit was average I mean the fashionable average kind His hair was dark brown almost black but he could not deceive me in the sun * laugh* his face is average his body is normal I mean also from my average category So he didn't look bad but I wasn't impressed with the first time I met him What I've noticed on the phone is that your voice is neither deep nor tall and it's nice to hear it
'Hello' he opened the gate and as I entered it he held out his hand to me
"Attila Kiss" said he in person with a perfectly ordinary name in exchange for which I gave him my equally ordinary name
"Renata Szabo" I smiled at him " and to my friends I gave him the big shot
In the house the weather was more pleasant compared to the outside heat although the inside temperature was not below 30 degrees We made it very clear that we should be on a first name basis when we sat in the living room in front of the study I didn't act innocent about school I took it upon myself to learn very little of my own free will We also discussed having something to spend the summer ahead of us and the next school year after that if I even have an audition for math He was a cool guy He started teaching me with a rare positive attitude I was inspired by Your Enthusiasm I never thought this would happen to me
I went to Attila's every week my other two teachers only once every two weeks For some reason everyone - mostly the ancients-thought I was the stupidest in math so I had to go too far To be honest that situation didn't hurt me very much()


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