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Hello everyone I've been reading the stories here which by the way I really liked and I'm in the mood to share something like that with you My writing will probably not be very mature but I will try
It wasn't that long ago that I went online and had a date with a girl in DC I saw a picture of him and I wondered if I wanted to meet him because he didn't put a face on me at first sight but not to make you think he was ugly Blonde wavy hair green eyes slim build So I had no objection
We were supposed to meet on a Friday I was on the train and he was excited and he called me several times when I got here or if I hadn't escaped I wasn't excited during the trip but when the train was almost in I got this intense heartbeat of what was going to happen what I was going to say where I was going and what was going to be my first impression of it I arrived I spotted him the first moment I saw him He was wearing an ironed pair of trousers and a white top We married him first I don't know why maybe because of her kindness all my fears went away and I acted directly with her I put my arm around her and put my head on her shoulder even in the subway I was enchanted by how much you listen to me care about me He said he'd take me somewhere We talked a lot on the way and he listened intently to every word I said Sometimes I was still a little girlly confused but his resolve relieved the tension in me We got to the Citadel and I sat up on the wall and I looked at the beautiful view and we talked and sometimes he was afraid to touch me which I really liked The weather was bad so we went home and before that we ate at a mall
We sat down on the big double to talk we were listening to music and he lit candles he didn't touch me he didn't rush me he just listened and listened Later we opened a bottle of wine drank vodka and showed him music Then I leaned closer to him put my head on his shoulder listened to the music and talked He just lifted up and I looked up at him and our mouths touched but he didn't kiss me he just fixed the pillow under his head I really liked that you were testing me so delicately and trying to figure out what you could do what I would let you do and what you wouldn't do He took my hand gently and then he caressed me I liked the way he touched me He left the room and I hid something for fun I asked him to find it He was walking around the room looking around and he noticed (with a little help) what was missing
He was standing by the bed I was lying there I don't know exactly how it happened but all I remember is him leaning over and kissing me I felt comfortable and then I held her close to me We kept kissing and he asked me to take a bath but I just couldn't let him go I was just kissing her I had a feeling he could barely stand it and he really wanted me We caressed each other kissed her neck which made her body freeze bit her mouth and touched her discovery
That's how it went for a couple of hours before we realized it was light I had a hard time taking a bath but I could hardly move in the shower I was so excited I was so full of blood I couldn't believe her kisses and her soft touch had that effect on me I'm ready and the bed's in the room he took a bath too I was wearing a T-shirt and shorts and a T-shirt and to my surprise nothing more she put her arms around me and kissed me and said Good Night I knew there'd be a sequel but I went along with the little gamehe wasn't idle She immediately kissed me and her hand caressed my breast tender tender tender His kiss took me down and I had never felt such soft tongues and lips and they were floating on my lips He pulled up my shirt caressed my stomach kissed my swollen nipple with incredible tenderness took a gentle bite but I had a feeling he couldn't take it He wants to hear and he wants to feel me He pulled down my pants and thongs he kissed my thighs and then licked my pussy It was a magical feeling and I've never felt better and I can't tell you what a fantastic tactic and momentum she threw herself between my thighs()


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