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After spending the night screwing the next day John and Kelly dressed to go to school There wasn't much to talk about at breakfast and Jason left the house first to go to work John and Kelly started smiling and winking at each other enjoying their mother's silence while she was busy in the kitchen
- Hi Mom "John said sneaking up on him while Kelly was ready to go "Have a good fuck with Tom when he gets here" he said reaching down and smoothing his butt through the dress - I know you will
- John "Karin said in a cool voice turning round he saw her and her sister - Stop it I'm sorry this happened right now but you have to stop and I don't want to hear any more about it Do you understand me?
 So that means you're not gonna fuck Tom and those two guys with big dicks and who knows who? - Kelly asked His face was serious but there was a little smile in his eyes
"This is not my life we are talking about" said Karin hurt - About our lives About us about a family
 I think our life as a family is just fine - Kelly said - Just like that I mean we're fucking So what? You can't say you didn't enjoy it I was there
- If your father knew
 Mom I bet you're only doing this for daddy if I know him I mean he thinks he's God he's screwing around And you're not? - Kelly asked
Karin's fire-red blush confirmed Kelly's hunch
'But we must go to school now' said Kelly - Have fun with Tom when he gets here and I'll see you after school Maybe you could come down to the river with us and we could swim
Before Karin could protest they were out the door on their way to school Karin fell into his chair buried his head in his hands completely indecisive as to what to do What moral height could he have gained? What could he have said to make them recognize and believe they were doing the wrong thing? And he got caught with Henry and James And Kelly set them off just as easily as she did right under her nose Then John Kelly then John Kelly She felt like she was going to scream when she was covered in the despair of the situation
He didn't seem to be able to stop or want to stop his extracurricular activities Kelly was 100% right about her father He fucked with everything that moved and there was no stopping he thought bitterly And he legitimized it and he accepted it as a way of blowing off steam so there are two of them playing this game he thought And he loved this game Karin never realized how much she loved sex And the more he did it the more he wanted it
And then Tom walked in the door just like John and Kelly said with his fly open and his dick loose
"Hello Karin" he said with a big grin - Get on that table and let's fuck
Karin suppressed a sigh as he rose He dropped his cloak climbed up on the table lay on his back and spread his legs wide open his vagina wide open for Tom I'll worry about everything later he said to himself when Tom put his dick in it and started fucking it Later he thought clasping his legs behind the man as his cunt filled with sensual pleasure taking in the man's powerful STAB I'll see you later
John and Kelly couldn't stop smiling as they rode their bikes home Life was so much more cheerful than anyone could believe It was almost 10 $ 1000 and they both had as much sex as they wanted with a lot of different people including their mothers now Kelly confirmed to John that she was planning to fuck their father these days but not just now
When they met at lunch they were both surprised when Sara Adams came over and asked if she could sit down made room for her and she joined the company
 I'm really sorry if I ruined something for you last night I just didn't know what to do I couldn't believe what Becky said to me and when I was convinced I couldn't believe it
'So Becky told you' she nodded to Kelly John - I had no idea
- Don't be mad at him - Sara begged me - We've always been friends I'm not angry or anything I'm just surprised And I don't know what surprised me more: that they're doing it or that you're doing it - he added
'We didn't want to do anything to offend you' said Kelly - They said You'd never know
- Will you do it again? - he asked staring at them
"I think it's up to your parents" said Kelly - If they want us to pay them a visit Well we'd love that
'And I'm not against it in fact I don't know how to say it but I would too' he said blushing - But I'm a virgin


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