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She came in for her first chemistry class
Short brown hair long face avant-garde outfit There was whispering all over the room and we didn't even know that Old Lady Violet was going to be relieved Our new tutor was in his late 20s or early 20s
I got caught up with Gabi the new chemistry teacher She looked at me with her big cat eyes and I didn't know what face to make at first but the third week I smiled at her bravely When we were in tenth grade I knew I was turned on by boys and girls I can relate spiritually to any gender I've never had a serious relationship with a boy but I've dated two of my brother's friends
Gabi made me look even prettier and I tried to be discreet but feminine
- What happened to you? - asked Yvettemy partner - Gray jacket knee socks and tights? Have you fallen in love with an old man?
- You're crazy No you're not It's just the way it is now and besides I think I'm gonna grow an inch And they're not cheap so I'm gonna use them and wear them instead of being eaten by moths I got it for Christmas
Yvette laughed
- Hahaha don't lie to me You can't fool me But it looks good on you anyway just tell me who you are
"That's a secret" I smiled
- You can't be such a creep
- Nothing's happened yet but it's true I like someone crazy If I succeed in seducing you I promise you'll be the only one I'll tell
- You sure?
- I promise
I wore my long brown hair braided at the time wondering if Gabi would tolerate it But unfortunately it seemed like I was doing a lot of unnecessary hiking like he didn't even notice me Nothing happened but the girls started whispering behind my back They said I was a thousand percent after a mature guy I let them rock youI didn't want my secret to get out
- So I'm supposed to tutor him? - the bell was ringing from seventh period my classmates were long gone and I waited 40 minutes for the chemistry teacher
"A teacher of sorts" I said " if it's not too much trouble" Chemistry was hard on covalent bonds and now the formulas seem to be in Chinese  Of course that wasn't entirely true but I had to take this opportunity to get Gabi's attention a little bit more He wore a gray coat with straight-paced trousers his cute round face his long eyelashes were adorable The black tush and the solid make-up were very beneficial to her features
- Listen Adela I can't make an appointment right now but I'll let you know if I can make time I'm going to college and my brother's moving in with me But we're definitely going to do a follow-up And I appreciate you wanting to learn That's commendable
I was walking home with a smile on my face I was flying
At home I wrote down the events of that day in my diary and at the end I drew a beautiful flower
- What's up sis?  Tomi my brother was leaning against the door You're so weird Is he a hot guy?
- Or is it a girl? "added David curiously my brother's best friend who was almost like family to us They heated themselves a hamburger in the microwave and poured the inevitable Coke
"Oh boys" I took some ammunition out of the fridge myself " you are so curious It's nothing special maybe I'm not in a good mood?
- Dressed like that? There's nothing that's interesting - David looked at me He seemed angry his voice sounded sharper than usual But maybe he had a bad day
I walked out on the guys I could feel David's eyes on my back and I knew the guy was into me but I never wanted a relationship with my brother's boyfriend That's what he thought I mean we kissed at a birthday party and we made out and then the next day we decided it would ruin things and we'd just stay friends That's what we kept to ourselves and David's a really nice guy Dark hair thinner athletic build handsome face long eyelashes And he's got character and girls like him Same age as my brother nineteen years old very polite masculine appearance good manners I had time to get to know him well by Tomi
I went to take a shower and I fantasized about Gabi I was running hot water my pussy was swollen wet my nipples were pricking and I was thinking about Gabi as I was stroking myself faster and faster in a squatting position
"Gabi Gabi" I whispered caressing my clitoris or sinking two fingers in my vagina So I could feel my G-spot that little bump above my belly which if I press a little I have to pee while I'm enjoying it
- How nice it would be to lick your pussy Suck your tits Licking your thighs Running my tongue through the cut of your butt while you moan and groan under me until I'm satisfied  I used to say things like that until I got to the top I shook my whole body and then I finished my shower


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