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At that time we lived in difficult conditions My dad's retired and my mom's salary was just enough to keep us from starving to death Even though tuition wasn't as high as most schools I was forced to drop out of college for a while I decided to make some money to help my parents and pay for my tuition until graduation I just needed a year to get my master's in trade I knew that my mom wasn't taking out a loan to pay off the mortgage on another loan but because she didn't see any other way I've been going through the job ads with the conviction that I'm expected back at school and it's just gonna be a temporary condition for me to take any job I want I was 22 I read the job ads with a great deal of enthusiasm but within a few days I realized that I can't be too qualified to choose from the job opportunities After a few failed job interviews I decided that anything would be fine just to get a job I also found an ad looking for physical workers to work in a factory with high earning potential I liked it I called him
He was a nice-sounding young man on the other end of the line said if I took the three shifts I could start the next day waiting for me in Budapest I've never worked three shifts or even a factory but I've seen no reason not to get on a train and travel to the Far capital I started packing I liked going to the capital I liked meeting new people I liked the fact of change
The meeting was scheduled for 8: 00 pm at the train station in pest Everything worked out fine as I came out the exit and I saw the Mercedes van I had to look for There were nice friendly young people waiting by the bus like a small group of ten Everyone's New everyone's about to start a new job so everyone's got their curiosity their enthusiasm At first glance the others may be even poorer than I am worn jeans dusty worn-out shoes on everyone
The bus took a long turn on the streets of Budapest while the gps system kept saying: Turn left after 100 m; turn right after 800 m then finally said: go 120 m then stop at the destination
We got off the bus This was the first time we could look at each other better only now we could talk to each other a little where we came from who knows what about work etc We were soon talking about standing in front of a Chinese hotel We didn't understand the reason
We met in a good mood when a blonde woman showed up limped at us with the information that we would be temporarily accommodated apologised she didn't know why she had nothing to do with it but let's be patient we'll soon be able to go to a nicer more equipped more friendly hotel and until then we'll be living here
He invited us into the building while he was talking about work In the stairwell a strange smell hit my nose It was stale smelly air I didn't realize it at first I just listened to her Then we stopped in the corridor looking for the hotel manager and he left us alone A guy with black hair hit me and we started talking about what we saw Worn floor molten plaster stale smell It's a dump He was about 25 worn shirt brown leather jacket the way he talked and I noticed that he was missing a tooth in the front which gave him a distinctive accent He's got a scar on his nose obviously from some kind of fight His black leather shoes showed that he had been wearing them for several years and though he was clean he would not be worn by a self-respecting man And yet his eyes glistened You must have come here to make it a little easier on your financial situation with a well-paid job
Meanwhile the blonde came back brought the room keys There are three-bed rooms he told me that every room has a toilet that doesn't work anywhere so we can use the bathroom at the end of the Hall No shower () but it's only a temporary hostel A girl came up to me and asked me to be in the same room We didn't get another roommate after all At the end of the hall was our room We walked past several doors There were men's shoes in front of each of them with socks in them That must have been one of the source of the stench As soon as I saw him my stomach turned There are factory workers here men who sweat all day and after a hard day since they can't take a bath without a shower all they need now is to put their shoes outside the door not have to endure the stench in there We got to our room Julchi opened the door We entered a small front from which two doors opened one was only wide open There was a bathroom that was blocked It smelled There were horrible smells It smelled awful It's a real dump


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