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With a smile I got rid of my pants Then he took his eyes off mine and all he cared about was my dick As if it were the first time he had ever seen it he stared at it for a long time as he put his right hand up and pulled the skin under it He pressed a kiss on my acorn and began to polish it with the tip of his tongue and after a while he swallowed up my penis It was moving parallel to the mouth of her hand her breasts caressing my thighs I asked her to hold her hair back and she willingly complied with that request so that I could not only see myself walking in her mouth but her graceful neck and her full breasts as well He looked me in the eye several times while sucking He knew it was his call and I didn't want it to be any different
Once or twice he took my penis out of his mouth completely and played with it put it between his breasts and then back into his mouth again until I was just moments away from leaving As soon as he felt me tense he took me out of his mouth and with caution he pressed his fingers firmly under my Acorn preventing me from coming I fell back into bed with reliefand when he saw that the danger had passed he gently pulled me again and gently put me in his mouth and watched every movement with his lips a strong vacuum I was once again stretched and he acted in the same way as before clenched me and I fell back on the bed again I wanted to enjoy it I knew I couldn't take it anymore
After a gentle tug or two he put me in his mouth and his hands were still upon me and he knew that he could not suppress the current attack Once again he created a vacuum and I came into his mouth My forehead was filled with tears of sweat from wonderful suffering and I breathed for several minutes while he swallowed every drop of my ejection He gently rubbed my testicles for a few more minutes and kept me awake with a series of kisses The desire he gave me and the lustful anguish he had put me through quickly brought life to my male member Five minutes after the most complete pleasure of my life I was once again waiting with a rampant phallus to delight the woman I had for the first time ever felt pure love for
- Come on "I whispered softly and placed my hand under his thighs I drew Zsofi towards me He held his hands against me and with the help of his hips led my cock into him which easily slipped into the still wet cut
With his head pulled vigorously he threw back his head and their eyes rolled together I was moving under him he was jumping over me with his hips We didn't say a word we just looked at each other Our hips moved in perfect harmony her breasts pushed out and only her lower body walked faster and faster I picked up the pace and in the end I pushed very hard into it over and over but our eyes did not wander from each other - On your knees please - I was lip-synching rather than saying it He understood what I wanted and he rose from me and then he got on all fours and waited I knelt behind him smoothed his buttocks and inner thighs and then carefully penetrated his now sufficiently moist pussy He helped me move too
He took my hand and put it on his head I carefully grabbed her hair With care not to hurt him I pulled his head back a little put my other hand under his breast and we continued He pushed his butt out even more and as a result I entered him even more resolutely than every push Her breasts swung rhythmically as a result of the shocks which I tried to restrain with my hands He started to massage my testicle with one hand between his legs so I slowed down the pace and then I accelerated again when he stopped
A few minutes later he turned around I laid her down on the bed and pulled her thighs apart Once again I could easily penetrate her vagina and now that she had only to lie down she was able to give herself to the pleasure of my vigorous virility in her I lowered my head and kissed him on his neck shoulders and lips I was slowing down I wanted our relationship to last as long as possible He drew his eyebrows again kissed me like that while all I did was caress his entrance After a few minutes my hands were tired so I lay gently on his chest making sure I didn't push it I thought he had fallen asleep for he had kept his eyes closed for some time and hardly breathed when he suddenly grabbed my ass and made me know to speed up I did not object to the request for the slow but more sensual movement made me feel a little faint so I resumed my strength and walked in it more vigorously He opened his eyes looked at me Her breasts were jumping up and down That must have bothered him because he put his arms around them and squeezed them It made them look even more full than they really are
- More - he moaned barely audible - Still Dani "More" he asked Oh my god - he said and stroked my face


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