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It was summer It was very sunny and hot in our little town School was over which was a relief for everyone There was nothing to do so everyone was enjoying the holiday It was a beach and fun for everyone On the first Saturday of the summer there was an afternoon disco which took place in a dark room so it could have had a great effect on those inside even in the light of the sun I was 17 at the time finishing seventh grade One of my classmates and my best friend decided that this summer we're going to have a good time and we're going to have fun With that thought we went to the disco We arrived shortly after noon and after a good party well warmed up we decided to go up to their house and shoot a movie For your information my friend's mother was a Romanian teacher at our school A very ugly old strict teacher
It took us about an hour to get from one end of town to their apartment on the other end We walked up to the fourth upstairs and then we opened the locked door
I walked into the apartment which was familiar to me and it was my friend's cat who welcomed us We went into his room which was at the end of a long corridor From this corridor the living room was opened from which the balcony could be opened As we passed through the corridor in front of the entrance to the living room voices were heard I looked in and I didn't see anything special and my friend looked back He came in with his eyes and showed me the exit of the balcony indicating that the voices were coming from there
It was quiet for a few seconds That's when my buddy's mom's voice came up calling out my friend's name
We stepped out on the balcony and then my chin fell off because I had a very big surprise The buddy's mother and our Romanian teacher were preparing for the lessons in next year's curriculum My surprise was that I didn't know our Romanian teacher was on such good terms with my friend's mother I didn't expect to run into him out of school hours I really wanted to because she was very pretty
In her classes I was just looking at her ass and her boobs which just made me want to He was about 26 and he had nice straight black hair He's about 5 ' 10 " and 50 and a few pounds So she was pretty hot Her breasts aren't very big so they didn't distract you from the beautiful face that was so beautiful that I almost melted when you looked me in the eye But his ass the real miracle in the back You couldn't take your eyes off his face from the front but when he stood back That was the real miracle Its beautiful and thin (ideal) thighs ended in beautiful apple-shaped Globo Gym which the needy white pants made really spectacular When you saw that you could always just look at your behind with your eyes and feel that you were about to bite into the delicious meaty half-balls
Now let's get back to the balcony where you were sitting in your little top and your jeans in need on a camping chair with papers in your hands His long black hair slid loose into his face but most of it rested on his shoulder contrasting on the white top
As we stepped out he raised his eyes and looked at us and then he smiled and leaned back in the chair All of a sudden I couldn't say anything I didn't know what to thank him for being so young but he's still my teacher I did say a " hi " after all My friend's mother meanwhile got up and walked out dragging the one I can really call a friend with her And he was like " Come On Son you gotta eat"
I was finally alone with the love of my life my Romanian teacher whose name was Elvish I was really embarrassed because I'm not the brave type
Well he smiled at the word " hi " and raising his arms above his head rested in the air pushing himself further back in the chair The papers fell out of her hands behind her back and then she spoke in her adorable voice :
- So how was the disco? "he asked" I could not answer of course for I could not answer for I could neither look at his beautiful eyes nor see his bulging breasts as a result of the pose"
- Well
I couldn't even speak out of my confusion He noticed that and opened his beautiful lips again:
-Did you dance with a lot of girls? "he asked the question and there were a few more answers on my part"
- Yes some
He lay down a little and rested his hands on his knee
- What are you afraid of me? Come closer I won't bite - it came out of her mouth and she smiled at me with her seductive smile
He didn't hesitate though a little shy but I got closer His eyes pointed to the chair next to him on which I had reserved a seat in a very shy position But then he put his right hand on my hand and put it on his knee He slowly slipped my hand up his thigh until it almost hit his vagina through his pants Here he let her go and spoke:


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