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Réka is 20 years old 5 '6" blonde girl with a nice rack worked as a maid in a castle Originally she was secretary to a multinational corporation until she was arrested by the police for embezzlement He spent two days in the brig before he was finally questioned With his openness and sincerity he won the detective's good graces so they offered him a plea deal: if he exposed the whole case he'd get out of jail instead he'd have to work for five years as a resident in a designated place During his time in the brig he decided to get out at all costs so he signed the papers without hesitation and told me everything
A week later he was working at the castle Three other maids two gardeners and a Cook took care of the Countess's comfort Their job was to clean the rooms to serve at the table and to do all the work the Countess had entrusted them with The other two maids are prisoners serving their sentence As it turns out the papers he signed authorized his employer to treat him as a slave during his time with him You didn't read this section before you signed the document After his arrival his companions told me that the Countess was a tolerable employer but that the rules should be strictly followed and that the work should be perfect Réka never knew what his mistress had done with her displeasure but she felt that the Countess had been watching her every step from the very first moment The girls would line up in the drawing room every Saturday night so their mistress could evaluate their weekly activities He was reading from his notebook the list of mistakes he made this week There wasn't a Saturday that didn't have the longest rap sheet From sloppy dusting to poorly folded napkins to too cold or too hot coffee everything has happened In addition to the lecture she was given a penalty so Reka had several palms with a ruler or was forbidden to walk in the garden of the castle in her spare time the following week All in all it was worse than being punished for watching her every move Six months passed until one day he was summoned by the Countess
- For six months you haven't been able to perform your duties as expected The other two girls are doing incomparably better If I hadn't given you this job you'd be rotting in jail It seems I am not capable of making you a proper servant I've decided to send you to a friend of mine who has the right equipment to train disobedient prisoners You'll stay with him until he decides that your education is over Now go up to your room put on your own clothes and leave the maid's clothes on the bed Where you're going you won't need anything so leave all your stuff where it is Meet me at the front door in 15 minutes and get in the car that sent for you
At the time he said he was wearing sneakers and jeans and a T-shirt he was standing in front of the front door A white van turned up in front of the stairs leaving a woman with black hair and black leather clothes and boots He opened the back door of the car and waved her into the cargo bay and slammed the door on her After a half-hour journey they stopped at a villa She was delivering the Reka out of the car The villa was in the middle of a large garden and the trees and bushes completely covered the fence and the street
- I am mistress Sabina your master has entrusted me with your education I know all about your record I know what a vile despicable way you have abused the Countess's trust and goodwill But I will make you a obedient slave Before you enter the house I will tell you the rules you must obey Any violation of any rule will be punishable
First of all a lowly slave is not entitled to wear clothes: strip naked
Réka obeyed He stood completely naked in front of his mistress with his feet pierced like a thousand needles by the tiny white pebbles which were scattered in front of the stairs
- Spread your legs as wide as you can put your hands behind your head That's how you stand every time you don't get another order You must remove your vagina and armpits to be completely naked thereby emphasizing your subjugation You have no right to speak or do anything that you are not authorized or ordered to do Every part of you is to serve your master
Sabina reached into the car and threw handcuffs in front of the girl on the floor
- Strap them on for yourself The Leatherneck and the wrist and ankle bracelets made of leather with a short chain were joined together in a single movement but they needed a key to open them The mistress then attached a chain leash to the collar
- Now get on your hands and knees We're going in the House come on


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