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The story continues to be unrealistic all sorts of possible matches to personal life are completely coincidental
Aron had already reached the age of 17 when he began to feel that it was time for him to find a son he could trust again and who would not (again) deceive him and whom he could really have a serious relationship with
Soon after she met a boy she thought was very pretty (Gábor) The boy is younger than him for he is only a few days past 15 years but even though he is too young he is very intelligent and very eager for a man to embrace him kiss him and even treat him The two teenagers started seeing each other At first (about 1 month) once a week and then (also about 1 month) twice a week Almost every day after that
On their first date they know everything and they can talk it through In fact on their second date Aaron surprises her with a bouquet of flowers indicating that her intentions are completely serious and she doesn't want to take advantage of him The boy's bouquet makes him feel a little uncomfortable at first since he came empty-handed and then he realizes that he doesn't have to feel bad about it because that's not why his partner brought him Of course the dates went great Two towards the end of the month so they were already on their many dates when Gábor told his partner that he had finally received psychological support from a boy that he had told his parents at home that he was gay and that he already had a boyfriend After the first shock his mother (let Erzsi) provided him with his support while his father (let Béla) said that he still had to deal with it In a few days let's talk more about it even in private But if you really love that boy and he loves you and if he's past the confession at home he'll understand know your situation For the next two weeks lovers meet almost every day after classes They're having a great time One Night Bela goes into her son's room to talk to him about this situation His old man says to him " Dear Boy Thank you for waiting patiently these past few days and not being pushy I know you're looking forward to my real reaction But before I tell you this I'm going to tell you a story There's a 15-year-old boy who's dating a girl but he likes a boy He spends weeks wondering what to do before he finally takes the first step towards real happiness and breaks up with her After that he's trying to get closer to the kid But at first he doesn't want to talk to her because he thinks the other one's just trying to use her So the next few months for the teenager are a real pain in the ass Fortunately after a few months the boy will realize that the boy not only wants to mess with him but also has serious intentions The two teenagers start dating After three or four months they'll tell you at home None of the parents are taking it very well The parents of one of the boys clearly want to ban children from each other while the other side rather has a more moderate attitude towards the situation But in the end the former That is the harder-judged parental couple wins and a few weeks later teenagers break up One of them manages to find love later First for two years next to another boy then after the break-up a little over a year into a very pretty young woman The other boy's life was so ruined that after a few years he committed suicide and died The parents didn't realize until after the death of their child how much pain they had caused their son by their own selfishness That's when I vowed that if I ever had a child I would not only keep my happiness but hers in my sight So invite your date and I'd like to know who you're so in love with The adolescent listens to the story in surprise and then when his father finally says the end to accept what it is then he gets a great deal of happiness in his heart But he's got a few questions in his head and he's gonna ask his dad " daddy" Is this your own story? Are you attracted to both sexes? "Yes my son this is my own story and I am very bisexual" Your mother knew about this before we had a relationship because I was with her nephew for almost two years but she had another guy and that's when we broke up We really started seeing your mom about a year ago It's been almost 21 years We've been married for over 18 years By the way in my soul I was counting on you my son to make a similar announcement He just said " What made you think I might be gay?" His father said " Well I've seen you almost exclusively in the company of boys and I've never heard you mention having a girlfriend")


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