Mutual Masturbation goes WAY too far! Samantha Flair

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For starters a few sentences about the characters in my story Miklós was a 36-year-old businessman and his wife was a real knockout and he met her a long time ago during college years thank God she didn't leave him even after the children were born They have a little girl and a little boy They have a nice big house with a pool in Buda
What I'm describing now happened when Nicholas ' little girl (Hannachka) was in the 14th century she was a very beautiful little girl She had long blond hair blue eyes mature enough for her age
It was one weekend that Nicholas's wife and son went to visit his wife's parents in the country but Hannacha threw a tantrum that he didn't want to go there was nothing to impress him with
So Miklós arranged with his darling to stay at home with Hanna so go ahead they'll be fine That's how they got alone in the House
It was a beautiful sunny day and Nicholas thought he'd have a drink and maybe swim by the pool
Hannah was in her room and she thought she'd stop by on her way to the pool
So he opened the door of the room and to his surprise his daughter was completely naked about to put on her bathing suit She was paralyzed by the sight and maybe that's when she realized that her little girl was becoming a woman that her breasts were nice and round her pussy was bare her butt was proportionately round
Hannah looked at him surprised
- Daddy You didn't knock
- I know honey it's just that my mind was completely elsewhere I was just about to ask if you'd like to join me
Hannah smiled at him and put on her bathing suit
They lay down on the couch and they began to bake themselves in the hot sun while Nicholas sipped his buckshot and stared at his little girl's body all the time couldn't get enough of what he saw because she was wearing a really sexy little bikini Nicholas was never a pervert at least he didn't think he was that you'll ever get excited about the sight of your own daughter's body
It was about 3: 00 in the afternoon but it was so hot that the first beer went straight to his head in the hot sun Hansel went into the house because he was thirsty on his way out and Nicholas saw him holding a box of beer
- You drink beer?- you asked him
- Relax DaddyI'll just have one drink - Hanna answered him
Nicholas didn't want to be mean and he was in a good mood with beer so he didn't scold him
 All right but you can only drink this one and we won't tell your mom okay?
- Thank you  Hanna smiled with her mouth up to her ears
Soon after they were drinking in the water by the pool talking about a lot of everyday stuff laughing a lot at the pool
After a while Miklós Hanna jumped on me to push him under the water but of course Miklos wouldn't let go They used to fool around every once in a while when Hanna came out of the water through her bikini top her tight little breasts He just turned Miklós on again which made his dick hard to fit to its full size Whenever she could Hanna stroked her beautiful body Hanna was laughing all the time
Even in Hanna's mind it was very bad for her to have a beer (as she had not only one drink at the end of the conversation) because she was in a very good mood even though her bikini top was a little slippery and her fine little tight breasts flashed out to her father's delight
- I Love You Daddy "he said and put his arms around Nicholas and held him to himself so that his wet body was perfectly aligned with Nicholas's" His father's tail was already steeped in the water Nicholas felt it was very wrong to want his own daughter Hannácka then wrapped her legs around her father's waist and leaned back on the water with her upper body the result of this movement was that her father's tail with his thin bikini bottom was just pressed against her bald pussy in cover
Miklos is almost there
Hanna sat up in that pose and looked her father in the eye and asked
- Daddy Did you want me? - you asked and Nicholas was totally embarrassed
- Noyou're my little girl But you know sometimes that feeling comes naturally to boys - he tried to defend himself not very convincing
- Hm I get it Daddy - said Hanna
However they could not continue their conversation because Nicholas ' wife was a Reka and the boys Tomi appeared at the pool
- What are you doing? "asked Reka
- We were just playing and talking - Nicholas replied
- But how come you guys came home so soon? I thought you'd be gone all weekend - said Nicholas
- I got a call from the hospitala colleague from the night shift got sick I have to cover for him So I'm gonna keep running I'll be back in the morning love - Reka was in a hurry


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