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Heather's cute little ass jumped up and down her brother's dick as she explained her plan They've been fucking nonstop for the last week barely letting me eat He wouldn't have broken away from that beautiful dick for any money and he had a plan to keep in touch
A few minutes later the couple shuddered into orgasm Heather fell from her brother's bed and returned with a few sponges to clean both of them As he was cleaning his brother's Dick the temptation to fuck again was strong but he wouldn't let go
He was curled up on the bed to his brother with long red hair spread over the sheets and his body was hardly covered by anything other than his favorite pink shirt Bryan was stroking his sister's sweet ass which was his favorite part of her pervy little lover She almost always put him on top of you to ride like that because Bryan liked to watch his sweet ass jump up and down
For the past week Heather's been bugging him with her ass He used to fall down in front of him in hot pants bikinis thongs or miniskirts anything to get his attention And she almost always took the bait pulled him in and soon after they were having sex
His dick was all his and they both knew they couldn't stop fucking each other When they woke up they slept together every night since the first night they fucked again they went about their business they came home and they fucked
His big big big cock fits nicely into Heather's pussy So big and fleshy nothing made him happier than when he stuck it in his brother-lover's pussy Her nipples had become stiff at the thought of fucking her her pussy was getting wet and her attention was distracted
On his part his brother dumped Kari the day after their incestuous relationship began Bryan knew that such a compliant red nymphomaniac with his sister didn't need Kari's antiquated bullshit Heather was a sex goddess and that's all she needed
- Oh fuck me Bryan fuck me don't stop "Heather cried as she moved up and down on her giant cock
- I'm fucking you you hot little bitch "Bryan cried as he immersed his pole in his vagina enjoying the fact that the last week or so since they've had sex it's made him so proficient"
While their bodies were moving at the same time Heather knew that their parents were coming home in a few days so they had to stop or risk exposure So they came up with a plan Through the protesting creaking of the couch kickers Heather heard the front door open and she knew their plan would move
- Oh my god
In the doorway with eyes wide open stood their father's sister the beautiful Alexus The one the scheming couple invited over for lunch
Alexus was many years younger than their father She was 26 a pretty single woman that both Bryan and Heather liked to meet She had tall and slender slightly reddish brown hair long legs and a dazzling smile their aunt was their favorite relative Soon at least Heather and Bryan hoped to be their new playmate
- What the hell do you think you're doing? - screamed Alexus
Heather continued to ride on her brother's thick cock
- We're fucking - he answered pointing out the fact  Sorry we lost track of time  which was a lie and they both knew what time it was - yeah and we forgot you were coming over to check on us and have dinner Well since you're here why don't you take off your clothes and join him?
After the speech he wriggled his ass and let his brother's pole deeper into his pussy
Heather felt her aunt's eyes on her during their incestuous mating Heather looked back and saw the confusion in Alexus ' shockingly blue eyes He saw the young woman struggling with morality and lust that the sexy couple had aroused in her
Desire wins He was walking to Bryan's and he pressed his lips to his and their tongues met and he said:
- I'm out of my mind but I'll hold you to that
Alexus then leaned over Heather and pressed her lips against her equally hot niece
- Are you going to be part of this little celebration Kitty?
Heather hesitated a little He knew the three of them would get tangled up but he didn't think he'd do anything to his sexy aunt But from the moment Alexus ' lips touched his he knew that he and his aunt would make love to each other
- Yeah - yeah - he said quietly
Alexus smiled and stepped back from his sexy playmates She stepped out of her light summer dress and the excited sisters were surprised to see her uncovered body as they continued to fuck on their parents ' favorite blue couch Even Heather's hot pussy trembled at the provocative sight
Alexus was a beautiful woman Heather's parents were attractive handsome people But Alexus was a model-beautiful He stood before them with blinding blue eyes brilliant almost to The Shape of his round bottom()


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