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I'm a simple housewife who lived peacefully faithfully until she was 39 with her husband and two children 15 years older than her I was happy with my life I had a good thing and then maybe I was bored maybe because of my husband's weak sexual prowess I started chatting on the internet mailing I even made friends with a guy he was a 38-year-old family man handsome intelligent handsome As usual he was sympathetic he drugged me with his lines and if we can't even talk about love we developed an affinity Unfortunately he lived in a different town so it was a long time before we met for the first time He came by car to Pécs and had the night off I was really happy about it and after a few minutes in the car we were kissing It was summer I tried to dress pretty and seductive I was wearing a short skirt with a red thong underneath and on top of my big chest was just a thin blouse that was strained on my breasts After a few minutes he was caressing my breasts which of course I didn't mind but we were in the middle of Pécs so we stopped
We agreed to go to a town nearby rent a room there and spend the day together We left Pécs and came to the place where whores used to stand and wait for a ride and now there were two waving in a skirt that barely covered the bottom Zoltán stroked me as much as he could from driving clutching my thighs and reaching up his hand clinging to my pussy I didn't disagree but I was afraid we were going to hit something and he said he couldn't take it anymore so we pulled over and then we moved on I admit I wanted him too so I didn't object We're in the woods near the road
We exchanged hot kisses but Zoltan couldn't handle himself and he was grabbing my breasts while kissing I let her unbutton my blouse and take it off with a smile and throw herself on my bare breasts He held my swollen breasts hard and then he sucked my nipples and bit them which turned me on even more While he took his pants off I too pulled my skirt and panties There was little room so Zoltan opened the door and I lay down in the back seat and he stood outside and bent over my pussy and licked my wet pussy I haven't been with anyone but my husband in like 15 years but now I've opened my thighs without shame and let him rub and lick my clitoris
Then Zoltan stood up by the car and I sat in the car but I turned out and started sucking I couldn't think of my husband except for the hard swollen tail I'd been wanting for years but I never dared to move I didn't think about being a family mother a wife I just thought about the dick that got bigger and harder in my mouth all filled out Zoltán also liked it and he was not giving me a hard time he was giving me a hard time
Suddenly I noticed a car behind us but seeing what we were doing he backed out and left I wanted to quit scared but Zoltan definitely called me out:
- What difference does it make? They're gone keep sucking
The voice was a little harsh but I ignored it and I kept sucking it Then Zoltan took his dick out and said it in a hoarse voice:
- Come out lean against the car
I got out of the car completely naked I looked around to make sure no one saw me but there was no one there I was just wearing my shoes We went to the front of the car and I leaned forward onto the hood of the car Zoltan pulled my thighs apart and shoved his dick right in my pussy from behind
- But Zoltan we were supposed to do it with rubber
- Who cares? I hate condomsI don't have them
- Yes I am
- Then stay still
I was starting to relax but it wasn't like that but I was so turned on I couldn't think straight Zoltán fucked hard and sometimes he grabbed my ass or when he stopped a little holding his dick in his hand reaching down to the ground holding my falling breasts I've breathed loud too moaned big every time Zoltán was pushed
We got so excited we didn't even notice a police car behind us Next thing I know there's a door slam and a big cop standing next to us Zoltan took his cock out nervously and quickly pulled up his pants leaving me naked
- Let's see what's going on here sirID please
Zoltán pulled it out of the car I wanted to get dressed but the policeman called me:
 Honey you just stay herewe'll talk to you later
I put on my blouse and skirt The policeman was looking at Zoltan's I D and then he called me
- Get the certificate Angel see if you're healthy
At first I didn't know what he wanted but then it hit me
- You misunderstand I'm not a whore
"Of course I'm an angel" said the policeman " that's why you fuck a man in the woods instead of a whore isn't it?" So there's no paper?


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