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In suburbia we live in family homes we're intellectuals we're in the 30s to 40s We have very good relations with our neighbors we often meet we drink we talk We share the joys and difficulties I knew our neighbors were fighting a lot mostly about small stuff
On the afternoon of a gloomy spring day I was sitting alone at home and the doorbell rang unexpectedly To my astonishment my neighbor Judit stood in the doorway crying sniffling gasping When I opened it on my shoulder it burst into tears I put my arm around him led him into the room I quickly poured him half a glass of whiskey and encouraged him to drink it He drank it shook it and looked me in the eye
- He hit me He slapped me I'm getting a divorce I'm not going home tonight if you'll let me stay over Now he's afraid to come here because he knows I'm here - she was crying I knew her husband was the culprit and I tried to comfort him
- She doesn't love me she's tired of me she doesn't want me anymore
- What makes you say that? I asked
"It is good to make love once or twice a month and he will lie on me plug it in Leave in a minute and I will stay there wet sometimes horny unsatisfied even though we had some good sex in the beginning"
He wiped his eyes asked for more whiskey folded them up sighed deeplyI saw him waiting for my questions When he pisses you off and he's finished he turns to the wall and sleeps don't you ever indulge yourself? There was no uncertain answer which made me think she was going to finish it for her husband I kept asking Don't you guys ever call each other names tease each other before it gets inside you? He looked at me questioning
 We kissed earlier our bodies touched and then she put on my nightgown and she stuck her dick out of her pajamas Never naked never touching each other's genitals
 Did you try to excite him hold his dick put it in your mouth or put his hand in your vagina? If he doesn't respond to that he's really made of wood
He shook his head in denial
 I never thought of it like that but even if I had thought of it I wouldn't have dared to do it or ask her You know I was only with three men one on a high school field tripand that's when I lost my virginity We were both 17 clumsy beginners For years after that nothing And then at college I told my Examiner I'd do anything to get a good grade Everything? he asked me back and I said yes and I knew what I had to pay him but I didn't mind I got an "A" and then I slept with her This affair lasted six months and the next one was a hit Then I didn't want to sleep with her different grades other examiners but they weren't available Once again to another teacher I mentioned that I would do anything for an "A" and I got the answer that I needed to study Then I met Imre who later became my husband He really wanted it but I wouldn't let him before we got married On our wedding night we had the same sex as before she didn't even notice at least she didn't mention I wasn't a virgin Then at first we made love a lot and not only did I get excited but I also had an orgasm (I had never had intercourse before) After a few years I had two children and our fucks became less and less commonmore routine worthless I am not old yet my skin is beautiful my body is freshand I am forced to starve - he finished his speech
- You never cheated? You didn't have a lover? He shook his head and now he filled his own glass You have to spice up your sex life I told you and he looked at me with a question
- How do you do it? From the words you dropped I followed you to fuck a lot and a lot and a lot of good ones
- If you want me to tell you I'll show you - He nodded
- start at the beginning I'm 33 mother of two but I don't seem to know anything about sex There was no one to teach me Men were just using me for your pleasure
I've been waiting for this I've been wishing for Jutka her beautiful breasts I've often imagined how she behaves when we're making love what's her pussy like? Now's your chancebut don't be hasty it's crossed my mind I moved closer on the couch with our thighs hips touching stroking his hands and hair He drank his glass the drink started working I leaned over him I looked for his mouth He waited for my tongue our tongues began to dance wild in my mouth and in his He was a good kisser When I thought I softened him up enough I began to caress his breasts (through clothes) and then I reached into his blouse into his bra and I felt his hot bulging nipples next to him In fear he began to button my shirtsometimes glanced at my trousers and silently let me take off his blouse and bra And then he stood up and then I took his tits and I sucked and I worked out with my hands and I rolled his other nipples She turned her skirt off on her own put her on the ground and she didn't take her eyes off me when I got rid of my pants()


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