Did he saw her squirt

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There was a single woman living in our stairwell on the ground floor Aniko
It was close to 50
Typically she's the woman 99 out of 100 guys walk by without realizing it
It's not that bad Her breasts were full her butt was nice and round she wanted her palm
He's not ugly to the face he's nothing special he's got a very ordinary face
But somehow it's got zero energy like it's not even there
He's tried to talk to me more than once I'm not a jerk I talk to people for a few minutes With him too But then I dragged him up to the apartment or if he called me out of the way I'd do my job
He must have felt that he didn't have much of a chance even though he tried more than once implicitly but you could see what he was getting at
I was walking home the other day checking our mailboxes to see if there was anything worthwhile in there besides the Flyers No it wasn't I rang the key and the door to the apartment downstairs opened Well I didn't think I'd get away with it today I'm ready to talk spiritually
Usually there was a heavy spicy smell coming from his apartment which is often felt in the space outside his door
Now if possible there is some way even more difficult smell cloud around the entrance
He asked me if I was in a hurry because the sink in his bathroom was clogged if I could see it
I thought you might want to try but since I didn't have any plans and I wasn't in a hurry I decided to go in If you really need help you're welcome but if you want to offer I'll comeI have better things to do than deal with the desires of unsatisfied women
I took my shoes off in the Hall Since it was summer we really didn't have to deal with the rest of it
I went into his bathroom and I saw that the pump was really in the bathroom and he could have tried to push it out but apparently he didn't make it
I let some water in I snorted a few with the pump but the water wouldn't drain
He asked if there was a problem
- I don't know - I answered
Because the bathroom and the water were clean I leaned over to see if I could see anything clogging the drain
I didn't see anything so I straightened out
I shuddered for he was sneaking behind me so silently that when I stood up and saw him standing behind me in the mirror I was a little surprised
But I got the chills when I saw him holding a syringe I was questioning my eyebrows and I wanted to move but he was faster
He stuck it in my ass or a little over where it wasn't covered in shorts
I got really angry but I was scared
- What was that all about?- I asked with justified indignation in my voice
- You'll see - he answered I didn't know we were on a first name basis
"Enough of this let me out" I said angrily
"You're not going anywhere this afternoon" he said with no small gift in his voice
I wanted to say something else something nice but I got this really weird feeling
I got dizzy I got warm I got a little sweaty I grabbed the edge of the sink Now I felt the characteristic scent of the apartment even more strongly And then I saw for a second that there was some incense in the bathroom on the shelf But at that point I felt a very pleasant smell and a pleasant feeling I'm a little off Next thing I know she's moving bending over pulling out one of the drawers and taking out a jar He didn't say anything just unscrewed the top and took out some cream with his finger and threw it under my nose
As the intense smell of cream entered my nose I felt nothing but a boundless calm a surrender and a scent so pleasant that my eyes faded and my tears burst There was something else that was new My groin was tingling so bad I thought it was going to explode down there
Because I couldn't move from the paralyzed state it was a little uncomfortable because my underwear was squeezing my sudden erection of manhood
I was almost grateful when Aniko pulled my shorts off with my underwear in one move
My dick swung out and stood like a log I've never felt anything like it in my life
It didn't hurtit was throbbing Sometimes you don't get pussy on a daily basis in your life and sometimes even major breaks occur I felt something like this then but never with such intensity It feels like when you really need to pee and it's an incredible relief when you can let the need go When you're old enough it's a visceral relief when you get there


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