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I went to the bathroom to wash up By the time I got back they were awake too
- Was it worth it?
- Yeah - yeah When I'm with you I don't even think about that thing anymore
- You don't have to It's gone It's all over now
"Yes" said Ágica " but the problem is that I enjoyed it at the time" Sometimes I dream about it and
"Go on" said Betty as her hands gently caressed her friend's body
 Sometimes I think about it and then I get turned on again
- Is that a problem?
- I'm ashamed
- You don't have to You have such a beautiful body Let him enjoy life
"Thank you" said El Ágica - What about us?
 Whenever you want I'll come back and we can cuddle again But try other people It's summer when you go to the beach and you can pick up as many guys or girls as you want
 Emese invited me to their summer house on Lake Balaton this weekend There'll be lots of boys there Do you think I should go?
- Yeah sure I'll be in Vienna for two weeks anyway We'll tell each other good stories
- I hope there's something to do And now what?
- Come take a bath and then go shopping to celebrate this day I'll buy you some good clothes
I waited for them to leave took my tools and then snuck down the stairs The apartment was quiet The grandmother slept naked in the bedroom her fat body was covered in sweat and sometimes her body flinched as if she were dreaming of something very beautiful I wasn't attracted to old women but I was wondering what would happen if I lay next to her and snuck in the junk Will you wake up? Or do you think you're just dreaming and sleeping?
In Ágica's room there was a well-known mess and a smell of Pussy I installed a little virus on his computer that allowed me to access it at any time and then I took out his hard drive and copied it all to my home computer - I'm finally learning all about you - I thought so
The next day I saw Betty's present It was a red dress that smeared on her body like a second skin her nipples almost pierced the thin tissue and if she wasn't careful her shapely butt flashed He came up to me to tell me he was going out of town and he didn't want to go swimming and at the same time he asked me what I thought of his new dress We sat across from each other and when he lifted his foot to show me his sandals he touched my dick which of course reacted immediately Before he even noticed you I grabbed his leg and pretended to be looking at his shoes It was maddening to hold her graceful ankle I wanted to lick her fingers one by one I imagined it - Can I have it back please? - he said-I still need my leg
Well that's it He was out of town and I sat down in front of the computer to figure out his life Just like in his room his hard drive was a mess There were movies pictures lessons all kinds of progies on top of each other But there was a file that was created over a month ago and it was called "My Sins" He wrapped it up and encrypted it but I managed to decipher his password pretty quickly (his favorite band and his age) I printed it out I rolled over my bed and I started
May 8
I've been living with my uncle for over a month and a half I'm kind of adopted They have a nice big apartment with a bath tub and a sauna and a wonderful view I try not to think about what happened but it's so hard sometimes I think about it and I cry The four of us live together: Balázs his wife Kinga and their son Peter They're all very nice and nice to me and sometimes they might even overdo it Something happened today that I don't understand I don't want to understand I was sitting out by the pool when I saw the door open and Peter and his mother showed up I wanted to be alone so I went to their Rose Garden They were almost completely naked Peter was wearing a white pair of pants King was wearing a thong
- This is so much better than tanning - he spoke - please cover my back
My cousin he was positioned on mom's thighs and dripping a huge amount of suntan lotion on him Gently like a man who's done it before he began to massage the back of his head 'You have such a good hand' said Kinga with a faint voice - Give me a kiss Peter leaned forward and kissed his face When he got his dick back it was almost in line with mom's butt If I saw him from over five meters he must have felt something hard there "You don't want to rub my breasts" he said turning around I've seen enough of it and I've snuck back into my room as quietly as I could
9 May
I woke up this morning with my cousin sitting on the edge of my bed I put the blanket on quickly because I usually only sleep in one pair of panties
"Don't joke" he smiled " I saw everything while you were sleeping You have a nice ass I'd like to take care of him
- Get out of here - I cried out


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